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Huge tiger shrimp, not native to SC area suddenly appearing along the coast in large numbers | The Republic

Huge tiger shrimp, not native to SC area suddenly appearing along the coast in large numbers | The Republic
Hilton Head Island, S.C. — Shrimpers along the South Carolinacoast are noticing a growing number of some very large visitors: tiger shrimp.
The Island Packet of Hilton Head reports ( ) that the sea creatures, which can grow to more than a foot long and weight a third of a pound, have popped up in relatively large numbers this year, despite not being native to the region.
Federal officials say 70 have been caught, but far more have likely been caught and thrown back or not reported.
No one's sure why the shrimp, which are normally found in the Caribbean and Latin America, are showing up now.
Craig Reaves, president of the South Carolina Shrimpers Association, says people in his industry are worried about possible effects on the local ecosystem.

Bachmann: My ‘flat tax’ would have ‘not one but several rates’ | The Raw Story

Bachmann: My ‘flat tax’ would have ‘not one but several rates’ | The Raw Story
Another day, another peculiar statement from Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN).
When asked by ABC’s This Week host Christiane Amanpour about what her tax plan would be, the congresswoman said that she would implement a flat tax. But while discussing her plan, Bachmann seemed to not understand what exactly a “flat tax” is.
“I would flatten the rates and simplify them, I would not have just one rate, but I’ll have several rates,” she said. “A flattened, simple, much fairer system, and one that would be equitable and raise revenues for the federal government as well.”

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Ben Harper Tribute To Neil Young Ohio.avi

Latest Steve Jobs Mystery Revealed: How He Drove Without License Plates

Latest Steve Jobs Mystery Revealed: How He Drove Without License Plates - Yahoo! Autos
Photo credit: Getty Images/ Lodev via Flickr
The multitude of mysteries revealed following the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' death now includes one that puzzled car enthusiasts for years: How did Jobs get away with driving without a license plate? It was common knowledge that Jobs would park his Mercedes SL55 AMG in a handicapped spot at Apple's Cupertino, Calif., headquarters, with nothing to identify his vehicle other than the tiny barcode that usually rests behind the rear license plate. According to Walter Isaacson's new biography, Jobs wanted to avoid having a plate for privacy reasons; and yet when having a license-less silver Mercedes became a kind of trademark, Jobs kept motoring without one"because I don't."

For years, rumors swirled that Jobs had either won a special dispensation from California authorities or was just daring police to stop him. While the why remains somewhat cloudy, an interview by ITWire with a former Apple security executive reveals the real reason: a little-known loophole in California vehicle laws that gives owners up to six months to get plates for their vehicles.

According to Jon Callas, now chief technical officer of Entrust, Jobs would arrange with his vehicle leasing company to switch out his silver Mercedes every six months with a new, identical model just another of the complicated and expensive ways Jobs thought differently.

President Obama Holds Secret Meet-and-Greet With Hollywood Execs and Influencers (Exclusive)

President Obama Holds Secret Meet-and-Greet With Hollywood Execs and Influencers (Exclusive) - The Hollywood Reporter
President Obama - White House Correspondents Dinner 2011

Before he left Los Angeles for San Francisco on Tuesday, President Barack Obama stopped for an undisclosed meeting with some of the entertainment industry's high-level executives, as well as talent representatives with access to the industry's top stars and musical acts, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Media Find 7 Billion Reasons to Panic This Halloween

Media Find 7 Billion Reasons to Panic This Halloween |

Halloween is traditionally a night of witches, ghosts, and monsters. But for environmentalists and their media allies, an even bigger scare is coming this Halloween: the birth of Earth's 7 billionth resident.

On Oct. 31, 2011, world population will reach 7 billion, according to the United Nations. For many people, this milestone is a cause for celebration and a human triumph. But for environmentalists on the radical left, the ever-growing legion of consuming humans is a harbinger of impending doom. The Washington Post cautioned that "ecological distortions are becoming more pronounced and widespread." Already the media are warning that population could more than double by 2100, according to a new UN report.

The media have long promoted overpopulation panic rampant among prominent voices in the environmentalist movement. James Lovelock, the founder of Gaia theory, fretted over too much economic success: "there are too many [people], doing too well economically and burning too much oil." American biologist Paul Ehrlich made a series of fantastic predictions, including the claim: "I would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000."

(As of 2011, England still exists.) But as recently as 2010, the New York Times quoted Ehrlich as a "population expert." And the Los Angeles Times favorably interviewed Ehrlich in February 2011.

Despite the failed predictions of Ehrlich and others, the phantom of overpopulation still haunts many on the left, and the media are happy to report every new terror. To thwart the environmentalist nightmare of too many people achieving economic success, such anti-population groups as The Population Institute, Population Connection, and Negative Population Growth lobby governments and philanthropic organizations (and more bizarrely, organize "condom campaigns") to implement policies to "stabilize" or even reduce world population.

These groups are terrified by the specter of impending environmental disaster, and loathe humanity because of that fear. Negative Population Growth takes a particularly gloomy view of the human race: "More people means more pollution, more sprawl, less green space, and even more demands on the earth's already overburdened resources."

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Britain Helped Gaddafi Regime Torture Enemies - Resistance Radio

Britain Helped Gaddafi Regime Torture Enemies - Resistance Radio

By MistrBrit

As Muammar Gaddafi’s rotting, bullet-riddled corpse is buried in a secret location in the Libyan desert, conveniently preventing an independent autopsy and investigation into his murder, disturbing revelations have come to light concerning Britain’s role in the torture of the Colonel’s former enemies.

MI6 stands accused of complicity in the rendering of Libyan rebels, who in 2003 were plotting to depose Gaddafi – the term “rendering” of course being twisted newspeak for the Western intelligence services’ policy of abducting, imprisoning, and torturing suspected Islamic extremists. As reported in The Guardian, Abdul Hakim Belhaj, one-time leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) and current military rebel commander in Tripoli, was handed over to Gaddafi in 2004 following a tip-off from MI6:

“MI6 informed the CIA of his whereabouts after his associates told British diplomats in Malaysia he wanted to claim asylum in Britain. He was allowed to board a flight to London, then abducted when his aircraft landed at Bangkok. Belhaj claims he was suspended from a ceiling and tortured at Bangkok airport before spending six years in solitary confinement at Tripoli's notorious Abu Selim jail.”

Relations between Gaddafi and the West had improved significantly after Libya’s agreement to halt its nuclear weapons program in 2003, an agreement which was shortly followed by Tony Blair’s infamous oil deal in the desert. Britain designated Belhaj’s rebel LIFG a terrorist organisation in 2003, further helping the Colonel by rounding up his opponents and obligingly delivering them to Tripoli, to suffer the very human rights abuses recently cited as justification for Gaddafi’s removal. As well as being tortured and held for years in solitary confinement, Belhaj alleges that his pregnant wife was beaten by agents of the Libyan regime.

Belhaj’s anti-Gaddafi rebel associate Sami al-Saadi was also rendered and tortured with the apparent complicity of MI6. After living in exile in China and being led by MI5 to believe they had approved his moving to London, in March 2003 Saadi and his family travelled to Hong Kong. There they expected to be interviewed by British diplomats - instead, they were forced onto an Egyptian airliner and rendered to a prison in Tripoli. The Guardian details the abuses alleged by Saadi’s family, which included his wife Karima and their four young children aged between six and 12. Saadi’s wife and children were held for over two months, where they were interrogated in the knowledge that their father was being tortured nearby. Khadija, now 19, says:

"The British government speak of human rights and justice – why were they involved with Gaddafi?" she asked. "The British knew too well that we would be mistreated and could be killed. The people who put us through this should be held accountable. I want an apology: they stole my childhood."

Tony Blair had landed in Libya for his first meeting with Gaddafi two days before the Saadi family’s MI6-instigated abduction. Both Belhaj and Saadi have launched legal action against the British government and intelligence services. 30 such cases alleging complicity in rendition and torture have been launched against Britain, legal action which justice secretary Kenneth Clarke is trying to suppress by introducing legislation that will establish secret court hearings when the UK's intelligence agencies are sued.

In a further twist, it is alleged that the rendering of Belhaj, Saadi, and other anti-Gaddafi rebel leaders actually strengthened Al Qaeda, and aided groups attacking British forces in Iraq. British intelligence believe that by rendering and removing moderate elements of the rebel leadership, rank and file members were pushed into supporting broader and significantly more extreme anti-Western goals than those held by the LIFG. MI5 documents suggest that following the abduction and imprisonment of their leaders, the group adopted a much more radical position:

"The extremists are now in the ascendancy," the paper said, and they were "pushing the group towards a more pan-Islamic agenda inspired by AQ [al-Qaida]".

Their "broadened" goals, it continued, were now also the destabilisation of Arab governments that were not following sharia law and the liberation of Muslim territories occupied by the west.

In summary: due to their increasingly close relationship with Gaddafi in pursuit of lucrative Libyan oil contracts, the West aided in the rendition and torture of his enemies. Several years later however, when the West wanted to remove Gaddafi from power, the very men who had been rendered by MI6 as suspected Islamic extremists were instead courted as allies, and armed and supported. Gaddafi’s suppression of a rebel uprising in Benghazi, of which Britain several years ago would presumably have approved, instead became the excuse for NATO’s intervasion which has caused widespread death, destruction and instability in Libya.

Considering the West’s concern for human rights abuses (the reason given for military action in Libya), one wonders how NATO will be dealing with the newly empowered rebels, in light of allegations of atrocious war crimes having been committed. The corpses of 53 Gaddafi loyalists have just been discovered in a formerly rebel-held hotel in Gaddafi’s home town of Sirte - some injured and others with their hands tied behind their backs - prisoners of war seemingly executed by the supposed good guys, the victorious rebels.