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Two Suns Seen in Asia

Activist Post: Austerity Measures in Healthcare Lead to Rationing Kidneys

Activist Post: Austerity Measures in Healthcare Lead to Rationing Kidneys

Brandon Turbeville

From the moment the Obama healthcare bill became an issue in mainstream American politics, anyone who suggested that the bill included rationing and/or death panels was considered any number of things – particularly a conspiracy theorist, racist, or someone who just hated the President for whatever general reason. I know whereof I speak. This was the general reaction I received after I wrote an article entitledObamacare Is A Eugenics Program.

Yet regardless of public opinion, in the years and months since this article was published, the United States medical system has unmistakably moved in the direction of rationing and death panels.

In addition to the Presidential appointees who openly espouse rationing, as I discussed in the article linked above, the creation of rationing panels (aka death panels), and the massive cuts made to Medicare and Medicaid, the recent revelation of new procedures being used to determine who receives kidneys for transplant purposes should serve only to reinforce the belief that rationing is not coming – it is here.

In an article entitled, Under kidney transplant proposal, younger patients would get the best organs, published in the Washington Post on February 24, 2011, it is reported that the American organ transplant network is considering revamping its current procedure for determining who receives kidneys to a policy that favors younger, healthier people over older, sicker ones.

Currently, the decision to provide a kidney for transplant is based on who has been on the waiting list longest. However, the proposed changes would make it so that a formula must be followed in order to make the decision as to who received the kidney. Age and health would be the greatest factor in the formula, with preference given to those who are younger and generally healthier than older and sicker patients. All this would be done under the guise of maximizing the number of years of benefit provided by the organ.

Predictably, many bioethicists are lauding the changes proposed by the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), a private “non-profit” group who was contracted by the Federal government to conduct organ allocation, as a breakthrough.

The new guidelines being proposed by UNOS bear a striking resemblance to those put forward in the Obama health plan which focuses on “cost-effectiveness” and “outcome-based measures,” guidelines which effectively remove care from the elderly, disabled, and chronically ill as these individuals are seen to benefit much less in terms of years after the treatment. Indeed, these are the guidelines promoted by the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research, one of the rationing boards which was created under the 2009 Stimulus package in anticipation of the Obamacare passage.

As Arthur C. Caplan, a bioethicist [read eugenicist] from the University of Pennsylvania says in the Post article:
It’s a big shift. For a long time, the whole program has been oriented toward waiting-list time. This is moving it away from a save-the-sickest strategy to trying to get a yield in terms of years of life saved.
The eugenics movement, particularly in the area of healthcare, has existed in this country for ages. However, it has recently accelerated its move towards implementation of full-scale rationing and the cutting off of services and treatment to those deemed as unfit. Namely, those who need it the most.

Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, “cost-effective” and “outcome-based” measures, and the implementation of this new transplant policy is only the start.

Even both the Washington Post and Arthur C. Caplan admit that the kidney transplant procedures are not the only issue here. According to Rob Stein, Caplan claims that “if adopted, the approach could have implications for other decisions about how to allocate scarce medical resources, such as expensive cancer drugs and ventilators during hurricanes and other emergencies . . .”

Not only that, but Caplan openly admits that rationing is the goal.
This is a fascinating canary-in-a-cave kind of debate. We don’t want to talk about rationing much in America. It’s become taboo in any health-care discussion. But kidneys reminds us there are situations where you have to talk about rationing. You have no choice. This may shine a light on these other areas.
There is absolutely no doubt that these new guidelines are a “canary in the cave” type debate. The eugenicists that run our government have realized that we will accept cuts in existing healthcare programs to the elderly and disabled that amount to death panels. They have realized that we will accept the actual creation of death panels that operate openly in front of us and they have realized that we will put up virtually no resistance to them when this is done. Simply put, the canary in the cave is still singing and we have given the eugenicists no real reason to scale back their plans.

Nevertheless, the goal of this new proposal is clear to anyone with eyes to see. After all, the chronically ill, the disabled, and the elderly are usually the first to go in a eugenics-based society. Because these individuals no longer produce, and require the constant care of others, they are no longer considered to be an asset to those who view them merely as machines in the first place.

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University where he earned the Pee Dee Electric Scholar’s Award as an undergraduate. He has had numerous articles published dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, and civil liberties. He also the author of Codex Alimentarius - The End of Health Freedom

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The Intelligence Project identified 824 anti-government “Patriot” groups that were active in 2010.

Of these groups, 330 were militias, marked with an asterisk, and the remainder includes “common-law” courts, publishers, ministries and citizens’ groups.

Generally, Patriot groups define themselves as opposed to the “New World Order,” engage in groundless conspiracy theorizing, or advocate or adhere to extreme antigovernment doctrines.

Listing here does not imply that the groups themselves advocate or engage in violence or other criminal activities, or are racist.

The list was compiled from field reports, Patriot publications, the Internet, law enforcement sources and news reports. Groups are identified by the city, county or region where they are located.

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Two U.S. Airmen Killed, Two Hurt in Frankfurt Airport Shooting - Bloomberg

Two U.S. Airmen Killed, Two Hurt in Frankfurt Airport Shooting

Two U.S. airmen died and two were seriously injured when a bus transporting U.S. military personnel came under gunfire today at Frankfurt Airport, Europe’s third-busiest.

The incident took place at Terminal 2, and a young man was arrested outside the bus as a suspect, said Juergen Linker, a police spokesman, by phone today. The deaths and injuries were confirmed by Sarayuth Pinthong, a spokesman at the U.S. air base in Ramstein, Germany.

The airport is operating normally though car traffic has been diverted, a spokeswoman for Fraport AG, the airport’s operator, said by phone. She declined to be identified by name in accordance with the company’s policy.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking to reporters in Berlin, said the government will do “whatever is needed to determine what happened” in the “terrible event.”

To contact the reporters on this story: Aaron Kirchfeld in Frankfurt; Tom Lavell in Frankfurt at

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Angela Cullen at

Canada Sending WarShip To Libya. WTF!!

The 4th Media » Massive Information War against Libya for US/West Military Intervention?

Massive Information War against Libya for US/West Military Intervention?

By Anna Varfolomeeva:

Although the Western media continue publishing dreadful details about the situation in Libya, according to the recent data received by Saint Petersburg Centre of Middle Eastern Studies (, the situation in Tripoli and the western part of Libya remains stable.

The latest data was received by the Centre on Feb. 28, 2011. It was provided by Russian and Ukrainian specialist who currently stay in Libya.

According to their information, the situation in Tripoli and the western region remains calm. Life of the city came back to normal. Starting Thursday, Feb. 24, banks were operating as usual. Yesterday (Feb. 28) there were especially many clients as the leader of the country Muammar Gaddafi ordered to provide all Libyans with the financial assistance one time in the amount of 500 dinars (about U.S. $ 400). People started receiving it on Feb. 27. Many stores have already opened. Schools and kindergartens as well as other public institutions reopened too.

Mobile connection and the Internet continue to work. To provide users with better connection, mobile operators put considerable amount of money on their accounts - first 10 dinars, then 20, then 100. Some of the foreigners even got unlimited connection. All these actions were taken not only to help people, but also to fight misinformation disseminated by Al-Jazeera and Western media. These measures helped to stabilize the situation in the country as people can freely call each other to find out whether everything is fine.

On Sunday (Feb. 27) afternoon, one of the specialists, who is currently in Libya with his family, went to visit his friends in Tajura. On Saturday it was reported that the city became the place for fighting between protesters and troops. However, the city was quiet. There were no traces of collision. The authorities consider the situation in the area as completely normal.

It was previously reported that the city of Zavia went under the control by the opposition leaders. However, Ukrainian doctors who work there said everything was still calm. So we face another provocation by the Western media.

It was also said by the doctors who work in a town located about 70 km away from Tripoli towards Tunisia that people return the weapons. And as it was promised by Gaddafi, there are no sanctions applied to them.

Thousands of "refugees", which according to the media are crossing the borders with Egypt and Tunisia, do exist. There are still several thousands of people on the Tunisian border. But these people are NOT Libyans. They are immigrant workers returning to their homeland. They lost their jobs as the work on many construction sites and foreign companies has stopped and decided to go back home. Most of them are from Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and other neighbouring African countries.

Contrary to the statements by the media, Libyan army still remains true to Gaddafi - with the exception of some deserters, who are sometimes shown on TV. It should be noted that Russian (and not only Russian) experts who are going to leave the country are protected by the army and they are not threatened by an angry crowd, contrary to some media reports.

There is no military in the cities. It only carries out patrols and checks transport on the entrance to Tripoli and some other cities.

It was once again highlighted that the army was ordered not to fire at demonstrators, and only in the extreme cases, fire at their legs. There were no taking cities by storm.

Nobody has really seen the snipers who according to the western media were hired by Gaddafi and received two thousand dollars per day as well as 400 euros for each killed Libyan. It was another myth.

The most complex and ambiguous situation is currently in the East of the country. Disorder started there earlier than in Tripoli, on Feb. 15. However, they were over by Feb. 21 as in the rest of the country.

A Ukrainian doctor-anesthesiologist clearly stated that the wounded people began to arrive to the hospitals on Feb. 17. That continued for 4 days and then it was all over. During the first two days people arrived with limb wounds. Later on, on third and fourth day, people with head wounds were delivered to hospitals. This is fully consistent with the information received from the military that the army was ordered not to fire on protesters, and the weapons could be used only in case of attacks on protected objects. They followed the order to shoot at the legs. The only threat to their own lives and the inability to stop young people who, according to many reports were on drugs, forced the military to finally use weapons.

Libyans in Tripoli said that the opposition in the East, having failed to arrange proper management and security, appealed to Gaddafi to start negotiations, and that such negotiations are in the process at present. They are agreeing on the conditions under which the East will agree to re-admit the power of Tripoli.

All this explains the massive information attack on Gaddafi by Al-Jazeera, and Western media. It is done to create the illusion that the leader is left alone and his "regime" is in agony. According to the same Western media it has already been reported that Gaddafi left for Venezuela. Pro-American Al-Jazeera is the only source of information about the situation in the region.

After the creation of the myth about thousands of victims and the suppressed opposition, the West started preparing sanctions against Libya. The U.S. President Barack Obama has proclaimed Gaddafi a very big threat to the U.S. national security. This could justify a possible NATO intervention. U.S. aircraft-carriers are already moving closer to the Libyan shores. If the worst happens, Libya could become the next Iraq. The only hope is that the people of Libya will be able to reach ears of the world community with the truth about the situation in their country.

For your information, see the following related articles one from Xinhua News Agency: "Libya blames Western powers, al Qaida as wire-pullers of its chaos," which is also posted on our web under Voices from China Section.

The other is from today's AP story as in the following:

"In Washington, the Pentagon said it was moving some naval and air forces closer to Libya in case they are needed. The U.S. has a regular military presence in the Mediterranean and farther to the south has two aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf area.

The U.S. Treasury Department said that at least $30 billion in Libyan assets have been frozen since President Barack Obama imposed sanctions on Libya last week.

France promised to send two planes with humanitarian aid the eastern opposition stronghold city of Benghazi, hoping to give it the momentum to oust Gadhafi. The aid to included medicine and doctors, would be the first direct Western help for the uprising that has taken control of the entire eastern half of Libya.

French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said it was the start of a "massive operation of humanitarian support" for the east and that Paris was studying "all solutions" — including military options. The EU slapped its own arms embargo, visa ban and other sanctions on Gadhafi's regime, following sanctions imposed by the U.S. and the U.N. in the past week.

And Europe was also considering the imposition of a no-fly zone over Libya to prevent any air attacks by the regime on rebellious citizens. Clinton met in Geneva with foreign ministers from Britain, France, Germany and Italy to press for tough sanctions on the Libyan government."

AP correspondents Paul Schemm in Benghazi, Libya; Hamza Hendawi, Bassem Mroue and Ben Hubbard in Cairo; and Angela Charlton in Paris contributed to this report."

See also my related article on today's 4th Media Politics Section: "'Libya Uprising,' is it really?: Questioning Role of Al-Jazeera and US/West Media."



The author Anna Varfolomeeva is an international reporter at the 4th Media. She is also a candidate for master's degree from Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication in Beijing, China.

Activist Post: Governments in Retreat

Governments in Retreat

Dr. Mark Sircus

Governments, like most egos, believe they are important. But like egos, they separate from the people they serve. Governments, in their heightened sense of separation and alliance with big business become vicious, even against their own people, and it really does not matter the form of government, with democracy being one of the worst offenders. Even the States in America are beginning to fight back against Federal control in their struggle to maintain state rights.

Things are about to change drastically in the U.S. and around the world. Events are getting seriously out of hand and will turn ugly faster than any of us can imagine or believe so from here on hold on for dear life! We’re Rapidly Approaching the Crisis to Which 2008 Was a Warm Up. The entire system, funded by the globalist bankers, is entering into a terminal phase with imminent financial and economic collapse looming up as the probable conclusion. The first waves have struck in terms of events in North Africa but when the full crisis hits who will be swept away and what will be left standing is anyone’s guess. We are literally living on borrowed time as something major is brewing in markets around the world and the stakes have never been higher.

“Incomes, job security, health- and other benefits, pensions, average pay, and of course jobs themselves, everything is rapidly deteriorating. While at the same time bankers and politicians are siphoning off what they can get away with from the public funds that by right belong to the same people who lose their jobs, health care access, pensions and homes. And desperately need those funds. The major financial executives may be raking in record stacks of stolen dough, but average American and European citizens are intensely watching their wealth evaporate into thin air as they become increasingly desperate with every passing day,” writes theAutomatic Earth.

Marc Farber, Mr. Doom and Gloom himself, who is well respected in the financial world, spells it out. “I think we are all doomed. I think what will happen is that we are in the midst of a kind of a crack-up boom that is not sustainable, that eventually the economy will deteriorate, that there will be more money-printing, and then you have inflation, and a poor economy, an extreme form of stagflation, and, eventually, in that situation, countries go to war, and, as a whole, derivatives, the market, and everything will collapse, and like a computer when it crashes, you will have to reboot it.”

It is a matter of record! The spate of seething, youth-inspired Middle East uprisings that are toppling governments, reshaping the geopolitical landscape and roiling world markets blindsided the world’s intelligence community. Not the CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff or National Security Council saw it coming. Mossad and MI5 missed it! None of the mainstream media’s star-studded stable of scholars, experts and think-tank policy wonks were thinking ahead.

Gerald Celente
Trends Research

The only choice we’ve been offered in terms of different forms of government has been between bad and worse. The democracy we see in America offers no more than a huge betrayal of the people’s trust. Yet people around the world thirst for democracy because, in principle, democracy is supposed to be dedicated to the people. The reality is something quite different.

What’s happening in Greece will spread worldwide as economies decline. There are no organizations behind this response, it’s a public response. This is a 21st century rendition of “Workers of the World unite.” Initially the strikes, riots and protests by unions, student groups, the unemployed, pensioners, and the outraged were sloughed off as predictable (but short-lived and ineffectual) responses that would either peter out on their own or be stomped down by the police. The unofficial reality was that, as Gerald Celente has repeatedly warned, “When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”

Gerald Celente
Trends Research

It is my assertion that the United States government actually looks down in contempt at its own citizens, kicking dirt in their faces. America, in its lust to control the world in British fashion, has turned against everything good. The American people are completely helpless and have no power to stop all the evils being perpetuated by their government, including the endless wars and uncontrolled killing.

Virtually overnight, the revolutions have been glorified as courageous fights for freedom and liberty by democracy-hungry-masses. But it is not hunger for democracy that drives them. Democracy, autocracy, theocracy, monarchy—right, center, left—it is mostly a gut issue—an empty gut issue. When the money stops flowing down to the man in the street, the blood starts flowing in the streets. It’s a simple equation. A few at the top have too much, and too many others have too little.

Gerald Celente
Trends Research

Today governments can no longer afford to ignore their citizens’ concerns surrounding economic disparity, food supply, rising prices and a host of other things including the health and medical care of the people. Governments can no longer be subservient to industrial corporate interests that have never ever been concerned about what is good for the people. But governments seem to not really care what their citizens can afford or what is right and good. Most governments in the end are pathetic, having abandoned their real responsibilities to the people. In America the constitution has become nothing more than a joke—certainly far from “by the people and for the people.”

The jolt felt around the world is in the process of shattering the recovery illusion. Whether deliberately (as calculated policy) or as fallout from fear-based denial, the pieces are not being put together. The current unrest is not confined to the Middle East and North Africa, and as we had forecast, it will spread to Europe and other parts of the world. The more volatile and widespread the insurrections, the greater the probability that some combination of events (e.g., oil shock, terror attack, cyber wars and regional wars) will crash already fragile economies, and roil sound ones.Be Prepared” conditions are spinning out of control.

Gerald Celente
Trends Research

There is little doubt we are being forced back to a more local existence where we and the people around us will have to look after ourselves and survive the anarchy coming from the collapse of paper and digital wealth everywhere in the world at once. This will of course be very difficult in cities where there is total dependency on the system.

In Libya we already have an example where a city, beyond federal control, sees its residents and rebels already hammering out a new way of life and governance. The fruits of their efforts are taking shape. A judge, still wearing his robes, wandered through traffic ordering drivers to put on their seat belts. At another intersection, three young men helped an elderly police officer direct a traffic jam. Dozens of banks opened for business, and by late afternoon, stores, shuttered for days, had started to reopen. Belgium, without a federal government for a record amount of time, is also doing quite well without their government and the people want to keep it that way by dividing themselves down to more local levels of language and control.

People with Their Heads in the Sand
Things are moving so fast in world events that one can hardly make sense or keep track of everything that is going on. But a sense that things are going terribly wrong is growing even though there are still people living in oblivion, thinking everything is hunky dory. Bob Herbert of the New York Times is astounded that people are talking in normal tones about the equivalent of a hurricane ripping through their lives, leaving massive destruction in its wake. No matter how bad the news gets, few seem, outwardly at least, to be particularly concerned.

Gonzalo Lira has a partial explanation. “It’s as if it were happening to someone else—it’s as if it were happening to the Canadians, not to America. The American people are taking the whole budget deficit thing so la-di-da.”Heasks, “Why is no one freaking out over the incredible monetization of the federal government debt that is being carried out by Ben Bernanke and the Gnomes at the Federal Reserve? I have a theory—unscientific, but I think it’s true: The American people have thrown in the towel. They collectively realize that the shit is going to hit the fan big time. So in this little window of time before The Big Splatter, everyone’s pretending that nothing’s wrong, everything’s fine—we’re doing hunky dory, couldn’t be better. Any bad news—like the monster deficit—is ignored, blatantly. The American people collectively blew their country. So now everyone’s pretending that everything’s fine,” while waiting for the end to come. “Everybody with any sense knows that The Big Splatter is on its way—everyone knows there’s nothing that can stop it. So when bits of bad news crop up—like the revised deficit numbers—Americans are placid as Hindu cows. And why not? These deficit numbers are nothing!Americans all know that it’s going to get much, much worse. They all know that there’s no sense worrying about the little milestones on the road to hell. They all know that they’re waiting for The Big Splatter.”

“If one is going to fall out of a window, how much it hurts when one hits the ground (and splatters) will depend on how many stories high the window was. Some of those who live a relatively hand-to-mouth existence may find themselves falling out of a ground-floor window. They will dust themselves off and move on. This will be much less painful than falling from the hundredth floor, as many of the better-off will end up doing. People who may have nothing, but also owe nothing, are not so badly off in comparison with those who have a lot, but owe far more than they have. The latter is a very common situation, and will become increasingly common as assets prices fall in a deflationary environment, and debt servicing becomes ever more onerous. Very many seemingly wealthy people are over-stretched ‘like butter spread over too much bread,’ as Bilbo put it in The Lord of the Rings. Essentially, it is far better to have nothing than less than nothing in net monetary terms,” writes Stoneleigh for The Automatic Earth.

Fiscal insanity is now the embedded reality of the United States Federal government and this will lead very soon to big trouble for everyone in the states. It is already a big problem for the rest of the world because of the exported inflation.

“Tense and terrible times inevitably summon an odd coupling of two very different and difficult human conditions, honesty and brutality. Certain painful truths are revealed and often a palpable fury erupts. Our economy, our culture, our entire world is built upon debt. No one ever asked us if that’s how we wanted it; it is simply how the system was designed when we came into it. After careful examination, it becomes evident that debt does not fuel economy; it suffocates it. It does not nurture growth; it stunts and poisons it,” writes the Neithercorp Press.

Collapse of The Empire

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