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More Seattle Police Brutality Caught On Video

Pensions: Teachers Are Expected To Call For A Strike Ballot In An Ongoing Row Over Pensions

Pensions: Teachers Are Expected To Call For A Strike Ballot In An Ongoing Row Over Pensions | UK News | Sky News

Union members are demanding action over pensions which they say are being undermined by the Government.

The NUT's acting general secretary, Christine Blower, said that teachers had been "pushed to the limit".

"The mood amongst NUT members is that the Government is being completely unreasonable about pensions and that all the talk about the education budget being protected is arrant nonsense," she said.

"I fully expect that when we have a 'priority' debate on pensions that colleagues will say: 'Absolutely - we have to take some action.'"

Earlier this week the Association of Teachers and Lecturers backed a motion to ballot for its first strike in more than thirty years.

Last month a Government-commissioned report recommended replacing final salary public service pension plans with average salary schemes.

UN ignores its own resolution on Libya

UN ignores its own resolution on Libya - political analyst — RT

Russia insists the UN resolution is being violated by allied forces, but these are not purely Russian concerns. There is widening frustration over how the operation in Libya is being conducted, according to political analyst Sergey Strokan.

“Definitely they have gone far beyond the UN Resolution, which was initially installed just to introduce a no-fly zone,”says Sergey Strokan, a political analyst for Kommersant newspaper.

“What’s going on now is a totally different story,” he added. “The coalition is definitely taking sides and now they are considering another step: to start a land operation, which could really bring unpredictable results for the country. That’s why this is not only Russia’s concern, this is the concern of quite a big part of international community.”

Sergey Strokan agrees that UN is already ignoring its own resolution in the case of Libya.

NATO air strikes hit Tripoli - Libyan state TV

NATO air strikes hit Tripoli - Libyan state TV — RT

NATO aircraft has bombarded south-western parts of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, killing seven civilians, reports AFP, quoting Libyan state television.

In addition, the Libyan state information agency Jana says NATO planes have also attacked the town of Bir al-Ghanam, to the south of Tripoli, killing four more civilians there.

The attacks of the “crusader aggressors” were aimed at civilian and military targets and destroyed several houses in Tripoli, claims Libyan TV.

Meanwhile, Al-Jazeera reports on Thursday morning that NATO aircraft have struck the crucial oil-production city of Ajdabiya in the west of the country.

NATO however denies killing civilians in the Tripoli air-strike, stating their target was a military compound, reports AFP.

Freedom of Information Act Reveals Files Suggesting FDR’s Role in Pearl Harbor

Freedom of Information Act Reveals Files Suggesting FDR’s Role in Pearl Harbor -

Alexis Bonari - Activist Post

September 11th is hardly the first “day of infamy” to undergo public scrutiny and accusations of government conspiracy. President Franklin D. Roosevelt coined the phrase on December 7th after the Japanese “surprise” attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The attack, according to author and WWII Navy veteran, Robert B. Stinnett, however, had been no surprise at all for Roosevelt.

It was only at the author’s insistent calls on the Freedom of Information Act that the U.S. Navy at last released formerly hidden evidence that led Stinnett to conclude: FDR knew and had the power to avert disaster on December 7th.

Interview with Stinnett
The government’s claims that Japan’s codes had yet to be broken in the months leading up to Pearl Harbor have been met with questions and skepticism since 1945’s September issue of Life magazine. Stinnett himself, in an interview featured on The Independent Institute’s website, says that he believed the article to be an anti-Roosevelt tract at the time. After reading At Dawn We Slept by Professor Prange in 1982, however, and learning about the US Navy monitoring station at Pearl Harbor, he changed his mind. This was the beginning of Day of Deceit.

Day of Deceit
The likes of Gore Vidal and John Toland, Pulitzer Prize-winner and author of Infamy, have praised Stinnett’s heavily researched book, Day of Deceit. In it, he writes at length about the Roosevelt administration’s plan to provoke Japan in an “overt act of war,” a plan that he adopted in October 7, 1940.

Because the American public still ached from the appalling death toll of the First World War (and because FDR had already promised his people, “Your boys are not going to be sent into ay foreign wars”), FDR focused most of his energy on coming up with a reason for the nation to change its mind. In November 1941, all US military commanders received the order: “The United States desires that Japan commit the first overt act.” That would explain why, according to Lynne Olson’s research published in Citizens of London, Churchill and Governor John G. Winant practically danced at the news in December that America would be joining the European campaign, forgetting that over 2,000 Americans were already dead.

Cracking the Code
According to Stinnett’s research, the US Navy had in fact cracked Japanese naval codes and even intercepted eighty-three messages from Admiral Yamamoto to his warships. A message from November 25 read:

…the task force, keeping its movements strictly secret and maintaining close guard against submarines and aircraft, shall advance into Hawaiian waters, and upon the very opening of hostilities shall attack the main force of the United States fleet in Hawaii and deal it a mortal blow.”
Even Thomas Dewey, Roosevelt’s competitor in the 1944 presidential elections, had heard whispers of FDR’s role in arranging the massacre. Although Dewey planned speeches to charge FDR with foreknowledge of the attack, General George Marshall (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) convinced Dewey that he would risk American security in doing so, since Japan’s navy had yet to realize their codes had been cracked. Dewey kept his silence, and nearly everyone else has since, too—until Stinnett.

Day of Deceit has received much criticism (predictably) from conventional historians and readers as well as notable acclaim from revisionists. Still others disapprove of Stinnett’s ubiquitous tone that suggests throughout the book that FDR had no choice but to arrange for the deaths of over 2,000 Americans at Pearl Harbor. Stinnet most notably fails to mention FDR’s refusal to meet Prime Minister Konoye for peace talks in late 1941.

Stinnett seems to have broken ground, but it is still only the surface.

Alexis Bonari is a freelance writer and researcher for College Scholarships, where recently she’s been researching nurse anesthetist scholarships as well as nursing midwives scholarships. In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.

BBC defends Gaza flotilla attack documentary

BP Cut Tax Bill by $13B Due to Losses From Spill

BP Cut Tax Bill by $13B Due to Losses From Spill -

Despite causing an historic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last year, BP plans to reduce its tax bill by almost $13 billion by writing off its losses.

The move is legal and above board. But with millions of Americans having just settled up with the IRS for 2010, it's causing consternation among activists who say BP shouldn't be offsetting its losses with federal money -- especially when Washington is in a budget crunch.

"The U.S. taxpayer shouldn't be ... footing the bill for this. That just seems insane to me," said Aaron Viles, deputy director of the Gulf Restoration Network.

BP confirmed to that it paid no federal income tax to the U.S. government in 2010, though the company said it paid "significant" non-income tax and state income tax in the United States.

"However, due to the high costs incurred on the spill, BP America in 2010 had no US domestic income, no taxable income and therefore paid no federal income tax," spokesman Daren Beaudo wrote in an email.

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U.S. court reinstates Blackwater Iraq shooting case

U.S. court reinstates Blackwater Iraq shooting case - Yahoo! News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. federal judge erred in dismissing all charges against five Blackwater Worldwide security guards accused of killing 14 Iraqi civilians in 2007, an appeals court ruled on Friday.

The unanimous three-judge panel reinstated the charges and sent the case back to the judge for more proceedings, handing a victory to the U.S. Justice Department in a high-profile prosecution dating to 2008.

The five guards were charged with 14 counts of manslaughter, 20 counts of attempt to commit manslaughter and one weapons violation count over a Baghdad shooting that outraged Iraqis and strained ties between the two countries.

The shooting occurred as the private security firm's guards escorted a heavily armed four-truck convoy of U.S. diplomats through the Iraqi capital on September 16, 2007. The guards, U.S. military veterans, were responding to a car bombing when gunfire erupted at a crowded intersection.

McCain urges U.S. to recognize Libyan rebels

McCain urges U.S. to recognize Libyan rebels - Yahoo! News

MISRATA, Libya (Reuters) – The Libyan conflict is heading for stalemate, the top U.S. military officer said on Friday, and Senator John McCain urged the United States to recognize the rebels and transfer frozen Libyan funds to them.

Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. military's joint chiefs of staff, told U.S. troops in Baghdad that Western-led air strikes had degraded between 30 and 40 percent of Muammar Gaddafi's ground forces.

Referring to the conflict, he said: "It's certainly moving toward a stalemate.

McCain, the most senior Western politician to visit the rebels' eastern stronghold of Benghazi, said the United States should transfer frozen Libyan assets to the rebels and urged NATO to step up it air strikes against Gaddafi's forces.

ElBaradei suggests war crimes probe of Bush team

ElBaradei suggests war crimes probe of Bush team - Yahoo! News

NEW YORK – Former chief U.N. nuclear inspector Mohamed ElBaradei suggests in a new memoir that Bush administration officials should face international criminal investigation for the "shame of a needless war" in Iraq.

Freer to speak now than he was as an international civil servant, the Nobel-winning Egyptian accuses U.S. leaders of "grotesque distortion" in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq invasion, when then-President George W. Bush and his lieutenants claimed Iraq possessed doomsday weapons despite contrary evidence collected by ElBaradei's and other arms inspectors inside the country.

The Iraq war taught him that "deliberate deception was not limited to small countries ruled by ruthless dictators," ElBaradei writes in "The Age of Deception," being published Tuesday by Henry Holt and Company.

The 68-year-old legal scholar, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) from 1997 to 2009 and recently a rallying figure in Egypt's revolution, concludes his 321-page account of two decades of "tedious, wrenching" nuclear diplomacy with a plea for more of it, particularly in the efforts to rein in North Korean and Iranian nuclear ambitions.

Pentagon: Robot War Over Libya Begins in 3, 2, 1

Pentagon: Robot War Over Libya Begins in 3, 2, 1 … | Danger Room |

Moammar Gadhafi’s forces are killing Libyan civilians and pushing back rebel forces, NATO air strikes be damned. So it’s time to send in the drones.

Thursday marks the end of U.S. strike missions in Libya. In a press conference, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Gen. James Cartwright, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, announced that armed Predator drones have been approved for use in Libya. They flew for the first time on Thursday, but “the weather wasn’t good enough, so we had to bring them back,” Cartwright said.

Recall Gates told Congress three weeks ago that the U.S. strike role would end once NATO took command of the war. U.S. pilots continued to bomb targets to enforce the no-fly zone, but left the hard work of attacking Gadhafi’s ground forces to NATO pilots. The arrival of the Predators — two combat air patrols, Cartwright said, so probably five drones — reverses all that.

Cartwright justified the move by saying the drones are “uniquely suited” for attacking dug-in forces in “urban areas,” where Gadhafi’s loyalists are. The Predators fly lower than gunships like the AC-130 or attack planes like the A-10. Their sensor and camera suites give them better visibility than human pilots have, reducing the risk of collateral damage. And they can fly for 24 hours at a time, providing “extended persistence.” It’s quite a contrast to the archaic weapons used by Libyan rebels.

Short Life Expectancy for BP Whistleblowers?

Whistleblowers 266

By Pat Shannan

The investigation, if it can properly be so called, of the unsolved murder of the former high ranking Pentagon official and presidential advisor John P. Wheeler III, who was also an expert on chemical and biological weapons, may be taking a turn in the direction of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Wheeler, 67, a West Point grad, was beaten and thrown into a garbage dumpster. His body was discovered in a Wilmington, Del. landfill last New Year’s weekend. Both police detectives and news commentators described it as “an apparent hit,” but little else was ever learned, and no suspects have surfaced.

There was great speculation by many at the time that Wheeler had begun to blow the whistle on the mysterious bird and fish deaths in Arkansas and Texas, and was about to expose the facts tying this to the chemtrails seen in our skies over the past decade.

Now the speculation may be reverting to British Petroleum and the gulf spill because a number of other BP whistle blowing scientists, before and since the Wheeler murder, have also died mysteriously, been jailed on questionable charges or disappeared without a trace.

Matthew Simmons, 67, a former energy advisor to President George W. Bush and admired among survivalist groups for his dire warnings on the upcoming commodity and fuel shortages about to hit this nation, died in his hot tub in Maine last August. Simmons had been gaining popularity as a whistle blower for blaming BP for its covered-up responsibility in defacing and vandalizing the Gulf of Mexico while hiding the truth from the general public.

Only four days later, Ted Stevens, the 87-year-old defrocked senator from Alaska, said to have received communications regarding BP’s faulty blowout preventer, perished in a plane crash. British Petroleum had donated $1 million to the University of Alaska to catalog the papers from Stevens’s long political career.

Homeland Security Black Helicopters Stage Drill Over Downtown Miami

Where's Our Change Video Obama Protested

Video Taken By Robotic Aerial Vehicle at Fukushima (1/3)

Alan Watt - The world is governed by very different personages from what...

Destroying our gulf shouldn't be a tax write-off. Tell BP to pay their fair share.

Your Activist News Source: Destroying our gulf shouldn't be a tax write-off. Tell BP to pay their fair share.
Apr. 21, 2011

UPDATE: Wednesday afternoon, we learned that BP's tax break will be even bigger than was first reported - an outrageous $13 billion!1 A BP spokesman wouldn't say if the company is paying any U.S. taxes at all this year. It could even be getting a refund. Please take action to hold BP accountable.

One year ago, on April 20, 2010, BP's oil began to pour into the Gulf of Mexico. It did not stop for 87 days.
Today, economic and environmental devastation remain. Thousands of Gulf Coast residents cope with massive health problems from oil and toxic dispersants.

BP, on the other hand, just scored a nearly $10 billion dollar credit on their 2010 federal tax return, by writing off their "losses" incurred from the tragedy.2

That's the equivalent of the entire annual budget of the EPA, whose funding was just slashed in the continuing resolution. It is almost one third of all the cuts in the continuing resolution.

Americans shouldn't have to endure massive budget cuts because BP took a $10 billion tax deduction for destroying our gulf. Tell BP: Amend your tax return and pay your fair share.

Responding to BP's monumental catastrophe cost a massive amount of resources from local, state and federal governments. Now, BP is dealing another massive blow to our nation's tax revenue.

The $10 billion savings comes after BP wrote-off the $32.2 billion it set aside to cover clean-up costs, fines, and a $20 billion victim compensation fund (which has been notoriously slow and stingy in responding to claims, paying out less than 4 billion so far.3)

Food Price Watch - April 2011

Food Price Watch - April 2011

U.S. dollar frail, Tokyo stocks slip, gold shines

U.S. dollar frail, Tokyo stocks slip, gold shines - Yahoo! News

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – The dollar hovered around three-year lows on Friday and looked set to come under further pressure next week, while a stronger yen weighed on Tokyo stocks in holiday-thinned Good Friday trade.

Gold hit a fresh all-time high of $1,509 an ounce, extending its record-breaking rally to a sixth session, as the weaker dollar prodded investors toward assets less reliant on the U.S. economy.

The dollar index (.DXY) was steady at 73.99 against a basket of major currencies after slipping to its lowest since mid-2008 on Thursday, weighed down by expectations that the Federal Reserve will keep interest rates at record lows for some time to come and by bitter divisions in Washington over how to slash the gaping budget deficit.

Analysts said it could extend recent losses next week, with all eyes now on its record low of 70.698 struck in March 2008.

Man Shows Joe Arpaio Copy of Constitution -- Then Gets Violently Tackled by Law Enforcement Goons

Man Shows Joe Arpaio Copy of Constitution -- Then Gets Violently Tackled by Law Enforcement Goons -
Source: Phoenix New Times

There's a video applauded in the Conservative blogosphere of a man showing Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio a copy of the Constitution as the sheriff rants, raves, and pats himself on the back for his crusade to rid stock rooms at retail stores of illegal immigrants.

Despite doing nothing to warrant such behavior from law enforcement officers, the man promptly was tackled and led away by some over-zealous cops.

See for yourself in the video below (to spare you having to listen to Arpaio's BS, the tackling begins about the seven-minute mark).

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All food may be labelled as containing GM

All food may be labelled as containing GM | Herald Sun

A PROPOSAL to require food labelling of even tiny quantities of genetically-modified (GM) ingredients would result in all foods being labelled as possibly containing GM material, an industry body says.

Matthew Cossey, chief executive of the pro-GM plant science organisation CropLife, said companies would do that to limit liability for possibly breaching labelling laws.

He said testing was sufficiently advanced to show up even tiny quantities of GM material in food.

"I would think you would nearly get to the safe position that they simply put on the label on everything that this may contain GM material to ensure that they don't expose themselves to any action," he told a parliamentary committee.

Greens' senator Rachel Siewert suggested this was an admission that GM material was right through the food supply chain.

"That's what you are arguing," she said.

What Do Light Bulbs Have to do with the Commerce Clause?

American Thinker: What Do Light Bulbs Have to do with the Commerce Clause?
Rand Paul, freshman US Senator from Kentucky, at a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing last month, summed up in a few choice sentences the Democratic Party progressive agenda:

You're really anti-choice on every consumer item that you've listed here, including light bulbs, refrigerators, toilets -- you name it, you can't go around your house without being told what to buy... You raise the cost of all the items with your rules, all your notions that you know what's best for me.

A few days ago, in further hearings on more appliance regulations, Sen. Paul continued his assault on the "boot heel of the collective," drawing from Ayn Rand, his namesake.

Exhortations about light bulbs and liberty are good for a rally or entertainment for a cable news sound bite, or a late night comedy show. But there's more going on here.

It's time for us to insist that there is no basis in the US Constitution for home appliance regulations designed to control the consumption of electricity or water. Any such statutes or regulations fail the Rehnquist Court reading of the Commerce Clause, Article I Sec 8 Clause 3: "Congress shall have the power ... to regulate Commerce ... among the several States ... " and usurp the Ninth Amendment from the people.

The central issue is how the Commerce Clause, previously distorted and stretched to underwrite any and every conceivable interference in our daily lives, may have finally found its high water mark under the conservative Rehnquist Court. There is considerable scholarship underlining the original context of the Commerce Clause and its application, notably from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Law Professor Randy Barnett in his 2001 Chicago Law Review article "The Original Meaning of the Commerce Clause" writes at the outset:

In United States v Lopez1, [a Supreme Court opinion where a federal statute, the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 prohibiting firearms within 1,000 yards of a school, was overturned ]for the first time in sixty years, the Supreme Court of the United States held a statute to be unconstitutional because it exceeded the powers of Congress under the Commerce Clause2. In his concurring opinion, Justice Thomas offered a critique of contemporary Commerce Clause doctrine--based on the original meaning of the clause--that went well beyond the majority opinion. According to Justice Thomas, "at the time the original Constitution was ratified, 'commerce' consisted of selling, buying, and bartering, as well as transporting for these purposes."3 He also cited the etymology of the word, which literally means "with merchandise."4 He then noted that "when Federalists and Anti-Federalists discussed the Commerce Clause during the ratification period, they often used trade (in its selling/bartering sense) and commerce interchangeably."5 The term "commerce," according to Justice Thomas, "was used in contradistinction to productive activities such as manufacturing and agriculture."6

Japan's radiation 20,000 times limit

PressTV - Japan's radiation 20,000 times limit

The leaked contaminated water contained approximately 5,000 terabecquerels of radioactive substances, which is 20,000 times the annual allowable limit for the plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) said on Thursday.

TEPCO added that 520 tons of radioactive water had leaked from reactors at the Fukushima plant, which was severely damaged during the 9.0-magnitude quake and the ensuing tsunami on March 11.

The twin disasters in Japan's northern coast set off a nuclear crisis by knocking out power to cooling systems of reactors at the plant, and caused radiation leaks.

The government ordered the evacuation of people living in a 20-kilometer (12.4-mile) radius around the plant and told people residing between 20 kilometers and 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) from the plant to remain indoors.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Naoto Kan's special advisor Goshi Hosono said bringing the crisis-hit Fukushima power plant under control may take “several months.”

Euro-American Land Invasion of Libya Imminent

Euro-American Land Invasion of Libya Imminent :: :: informazione dal medio oriente :: information from middle east :: [vs-1]

BAR, April 20, 2011

As if hard-wired for theft of other people's lands, the European Union is preparing to put thousands of its once-and-forever colonial boots on the ground in Libya. "The mass ground onslaught may well commence with the imminent deployment of the European Union’s so-called 'battle groups' – multinational military units of about 1,500 men each." Libyan leader Moamar Gaddafi, who had earlier offered to accept some humanitarian assistance in Misrata, vowed to fight any foreign soldiers on Libyan territory.

"They seek to land a "battle group" in Misrata under humanitarian pretenses, and then inevitably clash with Gaddafi’s soldiers dug in nearby."

The official Euro-American invasion of Libya is about to begin. I say "official" invasion because the Europeans and Americans already have boots on the ground making bloody footprints in Libya, from U.S. Special Ops and CIA, British Special Air Services commandos, and their French counterparts. The news media of the invader countries know their armed forces are active on Libyan soil, and occasionally report as much. But they dutifully await announcements from their governments that the "real" invasion has, officially, begun.

Debt Ceiling Debate | Tea Party Pressures Boehner

Debt Ceiling Debate | Tea Party Pressures Boehner | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

House Speaker John Boehner is, once again, in a tough spot.

Facing a possible default on the nation’s loans if Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling, the Ohio Republican must also answer to a loud conservative base that demands unprecedented spending cuts in return for their support. As the federal government’s debt creeps closer to its $14.2 trillion ceiling, Boehner will lead a balancing act in which the nation’s full faith and credit — and fiscal future — could hinge on his performance.

Conservatives are generally divided into two camps on the debt ceiling vote: On one end, there’s the “hell no” caucus, consisting mostly of state Tea Party activists and congressional freshmen who campaigned on the promise that they would never vote to raise the debt ceiling under any circumstance.

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50 million climate refugees | United Nations | The UN disappears 50 million climate refugees, then botches the cover-up

50 million climate refugees | United Nations | The UN disappears 50 million climate refugees, then botches the cover-up | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Oh boy, government idiocy at its finest. Not only is the original claim bogus, the attempts to disappear it are hilariously inept. Apparently, they’ve never heard of Google Cache at the UN. Rather than simply saying “we were wrong,” they’ve now brought even more distrust onto the UN.

Back on April 11th, Gavin Atkins of Asian Correspondent asked this simple question: What happened to the climate refugees?

It is a valid question, and he backs it up with census numbers. Here’s the first part of his story.

In 2005, the United Nations Environment Programme predicted that climate change would create 50 million climate refugees by 2010. These people, it was said, would flee a range of disasters including sea level rise, increases in the numbers and severity of hurricanes, and disruption to food production.

The UNEP even provided a handy map. The map shows us the places most at risk including the very sensitive low lying islands of the Pacific and Caribbean.

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"Libya war doing nothing for civilians "

PressTV - "Libya war doing nothing for civilians "
Lindsey German, the convener of Stop the War expressed her sympathy to the Libyan citizens who have been facing horror in their country. However, she added: “I don't believe western intervention is going to do any good.”

She said that British government has also participated in military operations in other countries such as Afghanistan or Iraq, claiming the intervention is needed to help the civilians in those countries, but “we know now that it did not happen.”

She expressed her sorrow for the Libyans who could not get the help they wanted from the Western powers, and instead get the military intervention that worsen the situation in their country.

John McCain praises 'heroic' rebels on visit to Libya

John McCain praises 'heroic' rebels on visit to Libya | World news |
John McCain meets a Libyan rebel in Benghazi

US senator John McCain, one of Congress's most vocal supporters of military intervention in Libya, said rebels fighting Muammar Gaddafi's troops were his heroes and praised their efforts to overthrow the dictator.

The most senior Republican on the Senate armed services committee made the remarks during a visit to Benghazi yesterdayon Friday, before a meeting with opposition leaders to assess the situation on the ground. He is the most senior US official to visit the rebel-held eastern city.


In marked contrast to vows as a candidate not to use presidential signing statements as “an end run around Congress,” President Obama released a statement on the just-signed spending bill saying despite the law’s restrictions on “czars,” he will “construe” the law not to interfere with “presidential prerogatives.”

The move is an aggressive power play by Obama to gain an added advantage from the deal struck a week ago between the president, Republican House Speaker John Boehner and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to narrowly avert government shutdown.

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Kuwait Recognizes Libyan Rebels

Kuwait has recognized the transitional national council of Libya as the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people stated the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the emirate, Sheikh Mohammad al-Sabah. He was speaking during the meeting of the liaison group on Libya on April 13th in Doha, Kuwait.

The minister promised to help the Libyan people using the council which "is tantamount to accepting its legitimacy."

Until now, only three countries: France, Italy and Qatar have recognized the Transitional National Council of Libya.