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WTF at WTC? Obama Has American Flag Removed From Ground Zero Site Moments Before Photo Shoot!

WTF at WTC? Obama Has American Flag Removed From Ground Zero Site Moments Before Photo Shoot! [Updated: or Perhaps Tapper Just Confused All of Us]
This administration and, by extension, the Democrat Party are now so thoroughly divorced from the history, traditions and morals of America that we might as well admit the Marxist left has executed a successful coup d'├ętat on this Republic.

Update: The timing of Tapper's tweet is the subject of some discussion now on Twitter. @AllahPundit offers this photo of the wreath-laying, which depicts the flag in the background. So exactly what Tapper was talking about is a mystery to me.

Update II: Michelle Malkin gets to the bottom of it (hat tip: Tabitha Hale):

Earlier this morning, I tweeted a link to Doug Ross’s post highlighting a seemingly outrageous photo from ABC News White House reporter Jake Tapper showing the American flag being removed from Ground Zero.

Tapper wrote: “One minute to air and they decided to take the flag down from the live shot!”

Many, including me, jumped to the conclusion that the stage managers at the White House had the flag removed.

It’s not true... As Allahpundit points out, Tapper tweeted the photo at the end of the day yesterday after the Ground Zero event and the flag was visible during the ceremony.

As do I. But I'm sticking by my "Marxist coup d'├ętat" comment.

Update III: Why the Leftists commenting here are idiots: (a) the next retraction one of the Left-leaning media sources makes will be their first (e.g., "Terror Wiretaps plus Invasion of Iraq plus Rendition plus Waterboarding Led to Bin Laden"); (b) Obama's on-again/off-again flag-pin patriotism; (c) and his well-documented failures to show respect to the flag -- all make it clear that Tapper's tweet would be utterly believable in the original context.

Don't let the blog's door hit you on the ass on the way out, drones.

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Call The White House, Help Stop Next False Flag Terror Attack (05/06/2011)

Ron Paul hauls more than $1 million

Ron Paul hauls more than $1 million - Andy Barr -
Ron Paul gestures while speaking. | AP Photo

on Paul hauled more than $1 million just on Thursday via a debate-day money bomb.

Paul’s presidential exploratory committee alerted his supporters to the 24-hour online fundraising via email and social networks and were able to sit back and watch $1,028,436.56 roll in.

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The successful money bomb capped off a big day for Paul’s camp, as he attended a tea party rally ahead of the presidential debate and was shown to run stronger against Barack Obama than any other candidate in an new CNN/Opinion Research poll.

Thursday’s money bomb is already Paul’s second major one-day fundraiser of the 2012 campaign. Paul brought in more than $700,000 for his PAC in February, helping jack his fundraising stats for the first quarter in which he hauled $3 million for his various political organizations.

Paul pioneered the money bomb fundraising technique during the 2008 campaign and still clearly has an organization capable of bringing in serious cash.

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Osama Bin Laden STAGED Media Spectacle To Be Used To Ramp Up Full Scale Police State :

Osama Bin Laden STAGED Media Spectacle To Be Used To Ramp Up Full Scale Police State :

May 6th, 2011

The staged media spectacle that is the supposed assassination of Osama Bin Laden is being used to push the fear of terror attacks to a whole new level.

As I write this article, the corporate controlled media is continually pushing the possibility of retaliation from Al Qaeda over the death of their leader.

Yesterday we reported the fact that DHS is claiming that terrorists planned to attack the U.S. rail system on the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

“At this point it seems likely that the major reason for the unveiling of a dead man was to condition the public into accepting TSA groping in train stations, malls, sporting venues, and any other major public event.”

That’s right, this whole staged event is being used to condition the American people into believing that terrorists are around every corner. This fear will be used to place TSA security in so called soft spots nationwide, effectively ending America as we know it.

The establishment media has gone as far as to claim crows were being trained to track down Osama Bin Laden and other terror suspects!

If we are to continue on as a free society we must continue to expose the outright criminal nonsense that the corporate media and federal government are repeatably implanting into the minds of the American people.

As Cindy Sheehan so rightfully said:

“If You Believe The Newest Death Of Osama Bin Laden YOU’RE STUPID!”

Notice how Dr. Drew, a man who prides himself on getting people off drugs, shills for the establishment by acting like Sheehan said what she said because she is a distressed mom who might need some Paxil.

While I wouldn’t go as far as to say that all brainwashed Americans are stupid, it is imperative that the American people understand that they are being lied too in order to further implement child groping storm troopers in public places throughout the country.

Gary Franchi Debunks Frank Luntz Post SC Debate FOX Focus Gr

The Bin Laden Bounce

The Bin Laden Bounce -
Osama goes down. Obama ticks up. That’s the narrative of the killing of Osama bin Laden and the lift in the polls for President Obama in its aftermath. In fact, a New York Times/CBS News poll conducted after Bin Laden was killed found an 11-point jump in the president’s approval rating.

Dr. Ron Paul's speech to the Greenville Tea Party 05 May 11 part 1 of 2

Peter Schiff's speech to the Greenville Tea Party 05 May 11 part 1 of 2

Terrorism's Big Dirty Secret

Only Morons, The Gullible, And Shills Believe The Government's Bin Laden...

Ron Paul - South Carolina Debate Highlights

Blackwater hires John Ashcroft as new ethics chief

Blackwater hires John Ashcroft as new ethics chief : Deadline Live With Jack Blood

May 6, 2011 by Kristen
Filed under Americas

Blackwater, the controversial private defense contractor that first drew major attention after killing 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad’s Nisoor Square in 2007, has hired former Attorney General John Ashcroft to help pursue lucrative government contracts.

In an attempt to shed its image as a company of steroid-injected, drug-induced frat boys gone wild, Blackwater, now called Xe, has hired the former George W. Bush subordinate to “reassure government officials” of its “newfound rectitude,” according to Wired’s Spencer Ackerman. Blackwater changed its name to Xe in 2009 in a move to alter its negative image, enhanced in the 2007 Nissor Square Massacre. That shooting spree compounded the company’s damaging persona, preceded by an incident in Fallujah during 2004 in which of four of its employees were killed, dragged through the streets and then hung from a bridge over the Euphrates River. Ashcroft will head Blackwater’s “subcommittee on governance,” a move that will “maximize governance, compliance and accountability,” a company statement read, according to The Atlantic Wire. The company also stated the move will help “promote the highest degrees of ethics and professionalism within the private security industry” with the goal of aiming “to set the bar for industry standards against which all other companies will be measured.”

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Report: Nearly Half Of Detroiters Can’t Read

Report: Nearly Half Of Detroiters Can’t Read -

Source: CBS

According to a new report, 47 percent of Detroiters are ”functionally illiterate.” The alarming new statistics were released by the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund on Wednesday.

WWJ Newsradio 950 spoke with the Fund’s Director, Karen Tyler-Ruiz, who explained exactly what this means.

“Not able to fill out basic forms, for getting a job — those types of basic everyday (things). Reading a prescription; what’s on the bottle, how many you should take… just your basic everyday tasks,” she said.

“I don’t really know how they get by, but they do. Are they getting by well? Well, that’s another question,” Tyler-Ruiz said.

Some of the Detroit suburbs also have high numbers of functionally illiterate: 34 percent in Pontiac and 24 percent in Southfield.

Read Full Article Here...

Ron Paul - Republican Debate - Heroin

Ron Paul - Republican Debate - Heroin | Mediaite

While it took a little while for the Republican candidates attending tonight’s debate to get going, the sheer diversity on the panel guaranteed some spirited answers, paramount among them Rep. Ron Paul’s steadfast adherence to civil liberties, which somehow concluded with him supporting legalization of heroin to raucous applause– highlighting the thick tension between conservatives and libertarians on the GOP.

During a “lightning round” where candidates were asked to answer questions about the issues that would give them the most problems during the primaries, both libertarian candidates– Paul and former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson– were asked to defend their liberal stances on drugs. First was Rep. Paul, who Fox’s Chris Wallace confronted with his controversial position that drugs and prostitution should be legalized. His unapologetic response elicited cheers from the crowd, as he argues that, just as “you don’t have the First Amendment so you could talk about the weather,” civil liberties do not exist to protect personal rights upon which most agree. He later likened private freedoms like this to religious freedoms, prompting Wallace’s follow-up: “Are you suggesting that heroin and prostitution are an exercise of liberty?”

After tripping up a little, Rep. Paul replied “yes,” then found himself arguing in favor of legalizing heroin, asking, “if we legalize heroin tomorrow, is everyone is going use heroin? How many people here would use heroin if it were legal?” The question was greeted with cheers, to which Wallace replied with a smile, “I never thought heroin would get an applause in South Carolina.”

While Rep. Paul took the drug issue on from a philosophical perspective, libertarian bird-of-a-feather Johnson appealed to the empirical sensibilities of the audience. Describing the legalization issue as a “cost-benefit analysis,” Johnson threw out some facts on the “war on drugs”: “half of what we spend on law enforcement, the courts, and the prisons is drug-related… we’re arresting 1.8 million people a year in this country– we have the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world.” While this rhetoric didn’t have the “wow” factor of Rep. Paul’s hearty support of heroin, it highlighted the difference between primary and general election audiences to see how Paul’s simple arguments were met with cheers while Johnson’s, which take a bit more time to digest and dispatch any moral qualms with legalizing drugs, were met with silence.

The segment via Fox News below:

Ron Paul's Call For Afghanistan Withdrawal Draws Cheers At Fox News GOP Debate (VIDEO)

Ron Paul's Call For Afghanistan Withdrawal Draws Cheers At Fox News GOP Debate (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON -- With the death of Osama bin Laden dominating the news cycle and captivating the public this week, the five Republican presidential hopefuls who showed in South Carolina Thursday for the Fox News debate were asked to explain their position on the war in Afghanistan.

Fox News host Brett Baier brought up the issue in one of the first questions of the night, asking former senator Rick Santorum about his claim that President Obama has made America less safe.

"When it comes to going after terrorists, for example, drone attacks in Pakistan have more than tripled under President Obama. He just sent 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan last year, and he just authorized, as we talked about, this mission to kill bin Laden. How much more aggressive could he be?" asked Baier.

Santorum replied that when Obama has done well on foreign policy, it's been because he has continued President George W. Bush's policies, such as "keeping Gitmo open" and "trying to win in Afghanistan." In recent days, many Republicans have rushed to embrace the former president, a man barely mentioned during the last election cycle.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.), however, received the first applause of the night when he forcefully called for withdrawal:

[Bin Laden] wasn't caught in Afghanistan. Nation-building in Afghanistan and telling those people how to live and getting involved in running their country hardly had anything to do with finding the information where he was being held in a country that we give billions of dollars of foreign aid to, at the same time we are bombing that country.

So it's the policy that is at fault. Not having the troops in Afghanistan wouldn't have hurt. We went to Afghanistan to get him, and he hasn't been there. Now that he's killed, boy, it is a wonderful time for this country now to reassess it, get the troops out of Afghanistan and end that war that hasn't helped us and hasn't helped anybody in the Middle East.

Businessman Herman Cain's answer on Afghanistan was less clear. He said he doesn't have a plan, because it's not clear what the mission is, what the U.S. interest there is or what the "road map to victory" is. At the same time, Cain did not outline his own vision, simply saying he would "revisit the issue."


Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson has been an advocate for withdrawal from Afghanistan, and he repeated his position during the debate.

"Are you worried about providing a specific end date and that possibly would enable the Taliban to move in the day after the U.S. troops left?" asked Baier.

"First of all, I'm not in favor of a timetable. I'm in belief that timetable should be tomorrow. I realize that tomorrow may involve several months," said Johnson.

He added that unlike the Iraq war, he originally supported the invasion of Afghanistan.

"We were attacked. We attacked back," said Johnson. "That's what our military is for, and after six months, I think we pretty effectively had taken care of al Qaeda. But that was 10 years ago. We are building roads, schools, bridges and highways in Iraq and Afghanistan and borrowing 43 cents out of every dollar do that. In my opinion, this is crazy."

While foreign policy barely popped up during the 2010 elections, and pundits widely predict the struggling economy will once again dominate in 2012, bin Laden's death has put Afghanistan on the front burner and forced candidates explain their stance on the decades-long war.

While many have called to reassess the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan in light of bin Laden's shooting deep within Pakistan, the White House said on Thursday that it will not be changing its policy on the war.


Ron Paul 2012 Debate On Drugs and Prostitution: "Defend Liberty Across T...