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Officers stopped suspect on day of Ariz. shooting - Yahoo! News

Officers stopped suspect on day of Ariz. shooting

TUCSON, Ariz. – A wildlife officer pulled over the suspect in the assassination attempt against an Arizona congresswoman less than three hours before the deadly attack, authorities said Wednesday as they pieced together more details of a frenzied morning.

Jared Lougher ran a red light but was let off with a warning at 7:30 a.m. Saturday, the Arizona Game and Fish Department said. The officer took Loughner's driver's license and vehicle registration information but found no outstanding warrants on Loughner or his vehicle.

Wildlife officers don't usually make traffic stops unless public safety is at risk, such as running a red light, the department said in a news release, which didn't say where the stop took place.

It's the latest evidence of Loughner's busy morning before police say he shot and killed six and wounded more than a dozen at a Tucson grocery store.

Arizona shooting: Pima County Sheriff's Department, college won't release data on suspect

Arizona shooting: Pima County Sheriff's Department, college won't release data on suspect

Sheriff's Department and community-college officials in Pima County are refusing to release a wide range of public documents about the man charged in Saturday's shooting rampage that left six dead and more than a dozen wounded.

The Pima County Sheriff's Department and Pima Community College have declined to release documents that could shed light on run-ins they had with 22-year-old Jared Loughner in the months prior to the shooting.

The Arizona Public Records Law requires that records be "open to inspection by any person at all times" unless officials can prove releasing the information would violate rights of privacy or confidentiality or otherwise harm the best interests of the state.

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Map Of All Recent Bird And Fish Die-Offs

Map Of All Recent Bird And Fish Die-Offs 

Most of The United States Covered In Snow, Global Warming?


Is this a result of global warming or climate change?

GOP leaders quash Republican’s effort to ban guns within 1,000 feet of lawmakers | Raw Story

GOP leaders quash Republican’s effort to ban guns within 1,000 feet of lawmakers

gunsinbox GOP leaders quash Republicans effort to ban guns within 1,000 feet of lawmakers

The top two Republicans in the House of Representatives rejected gun control legislation soon after it was announced by a senior GOP congressman, effectively dooming its hopes for consideration.

The bill, unveiled by Rep. Peter King (R-NY) on Tuesday, would have banned people from carrying guns within 1,000 feet of elected officials in Congress. It had the support of New York City mayor and outspoken gun-control advocate Michael Bloomberg.

His announcement came days after the tragic shootings of twenty people in Tucson, Arizona on Saturday that left six dead and Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) badly injured.

A spokesman for Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) told The Hill later in the day that the new House speaker will oppose the legislation.

Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) initially demurred, as his office declined to comment.

Jared Loughner’s friend says suspect ‘Did not watch TV … disliked the news’ - TVNewser

Jared Loughner’s friend says suspect ‘Did not watch TV … disliked the news’

This morning on “Good Morning America,” ABC’sAshleigh Banfield sat down with Zach Osler, a high school friend of Jared Loughner, the suspect in the Tucson massacre.

Osler says his friend wasn’t shooting at people, “he was shooting at the world.” Regarding the high-pitched talk radio and cable news political rhetoric, Osler says his friend didn’t even watch the news.

He did not watch TV. He disliked the news. He didn’t listen to political radio. He didn’t take sides. He wasn’t on the left. He wasn’t on the right.

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Where did all the Haiti relief money go?

Where did all the Haiti relief money go?

Where did all the Haiti relief money go?

in this Jan. 17, 2010 file photo, people walk down a street amid earthquake rubble in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull, File)

The amount of money raised for Haiti earthquake relief has reached a staggeringly high $1.4 billion in less than one year from the United States alone. Everyone from celebrities to regular people held telethons, bake sales and dinner parties whose proceeds went to help Haiti earthquake victims.

A year later, people who opened their purse strings and wallets so generously are asking where the money went and how well was it spent. According to a survey by the Chronicle of Philanthropy of 60 major relief organizations,only 38 percent of that money has been spent to provide recovery and rebuilding aid. By comparison, in New Orleans, about 80 percent of the money raised for Hurricane Katrina victims has been spent.

Click here to view a slideshow of images from Haiti after the quake

Furthermore, only 63.6 percent of the money pledged for 2010 has been disbursed, according to the U.N special envoy for Haiti. The Haiti money train tends to take two different tracks. There is the money that was raised and donated shortly after the earthquake. That money has been spent on emergency relief efforts. And then there are billions pledged by foreign nations, most of which may not now be disbursed after all, according to many officials with knowledge of the process.


Carleene Dei, director of the United States Agency for International Development told reporters in a January 7 conference call that there was a "lack of understanding" about the pace at which pledges from March's donors conference could be met, referring to the UN conference where nations pledged more than $10 billion to help Haiti rebuild itself.

"A pledge is not a check," she said. "A pledge has to be turned into legislation. Legislation has to be turned into plans. Plans have to be vetted and approved. And money has to be made available."

While Dei did not point the fingers at any one entity for the shortcomings, many experts have criticized the Haitian government for not following up on the steps Dei outlined. With a lame duck president Rene Preval, whose term expires next month, there is little chance that Haiti will be in a position any time soon to mount any significant diplomatic and lobbying efforts necessary to turn pledges into cash.

Still, aid organizations said that they've made great strides in reducing the misery in Haiti and averted a greater catastrophe than the 300,000 deaths and 1.5 million homeless created by the earthquake. Throughout the week, scores of organizations have sent journalists press releases outlining their one-year achievements. Many others have held conference calls for reporters.

"Nobody can pretend that this has been a hugely successful humanitarian response," said Paul Conneally, a spokesman for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. "If anything, it demonstrates the limitations of humanitarian action."

The Economic Collapse of America : The New Normal (wide screen)

The Federal Reserve Becomes Most Profitable Bank In History

The Federal Reserve Becomes Most Profitable Bank In History

Source: NPR - Eyder Peralta

The Financial Times reports the financial crisis has helped the U.S. Federal Reserve become the most profitable bank in history.

According to the the Fed, it turned an $80.9 billion profit in 2010. $76.2 billion of it came from securities the Fed bought during the financial crisis. The bank sent $78.4 billion of that profit to the U.S. Treasury.

The Financial Times explains that the Fed sends most of its profit to the Treasury instead of recapitalizing itself. And there's always the possibility these profits won't hold up in the future:

It is possible that the Fed’s profits could turn to losses in future years if rising inflation forced it to tighten monetary policy rapidly. In that case, it would have to pay much more interest on its liabilities and might suffer capital losses if it had to sell securities rather than let them mature.

But a Fed official said that he could not see circumstances in which the Treasury would have to recapitalise the Fed. If a regional Fed bank did suffer losses, then it would be allowed to halt future payments to the Treasury until it had recovered them, and it could create an accounting asset to reflect the suspension of payments that would keep its capital positive.

Food Prices Rise Higher Than Ever As Globalists Predict Food Riots :

Food Prices Rise Higher Than Ever As Globalists Predict Food Riots :

We have worked extensively to document rising food prices and possible coming food shortages. Now the Food and Agriculture Organization of 55 food commodities has recorded that global food prices hit an all time record in December.
Figures recently released by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) index of 55 food commodities indicates that worldwide food prices hit a record high in December. Though the costs of some food commodities like rice, corn and soy actually decreased, oil seeds and sugar jumped significantly due to various factors including erratic weather and droughts, according to reports.
In the past, such ups and downs on the commodity market did not immediately affect actual food costs for consumers, but some experts say that this is no longer the case, and that “food inflation” will occur right alongside the commodity price gains. And rapidfood inflation has already taken place in India, for example, with recent reports indicating that the country experienced an overall food inflation rate of 18 percent in 2010.
Food Inflation is very real yet certain Congressman are working to disarm the American people which will potentially kill thousands of citizens who would be unable to protect them selves during food riots or a martial law type scenario.
Philippe Chalmin, an economic adviser to the French government has warned of coming food riots as early as April. Freezing temps in Europe and droughts in Argentina has lead to speculation that grain prices are set to skyrocket.
Crop damage caused by flooding in Australia and drought in Argentina is likely to boost grain prices in coming months, Chalmin, an economics professor at the University of Paris- Dauphine, said in an interview in the French capital today.
“I’m very concerned,” Chalmin said. “Around Easter we could start to see food riots.”
World food prices advanced to a record in December, partly driven by higher sugar prices, the United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization reported yesterday. The FAO’s cereal index rose to the highest level since August 2008, remaining about 37 points below the record level in April that year.
The world may face social unrest including food riots in April as grain prices increase, said Philippe Chalmin, an economic adviser to the French government.
Is this fear based reporting or are we really looking at social unrest and/or martial law due to rising food prices worldwide?
With globalists such as World Bank President Robert Zoellick pushing for more so called “global stability” in the food market, it is clear that this is a REAL food crisis CREATED by the very people who will eventually pose the solution.
The cause of such alarm? On Wednesday, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) reported that global food prices had hit a record high and were likely to go on rising, entering what Abdolreza Abbassian, its senior grains economist, called “danger territory”.
Robert Zoellick, president of the World Bank, warns that the rising prices are “a threat to global growth and social stability”, and Nicolas Sarkozy has identified them as a priority for the G20, which he chairs this year.
That is bad enough for Britain, adding to the inflationary pressures from the soaring cost of oil and other commodities, not to mention the VAT increase. But for the world’s poor, who have to spend 80 per cent of their income on food, it could be catastrophic.
At this point it would be insane to not stock up on food as it is very evident that this globalist imposed food crisis is on the horizon.

Legislating Insanity

Jared Loughner is a product of Sheriff Dupnik’s office « The Cholla Jumps

Jared Loughner is a product of Sheriff Dupnik’s office

This is the report that Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has been dreading since the tragic event on Saturday January 8.

The sheriff has been editorializing and politicizing the event since he took the podium to report on the incident. His blaming of radio personalities and bloggers is a pre-emptive strike because Mr. Dupnik knows this tragedy lays at his feet and his office. Six people died on his watch and he could have prevented it. He needs to step up and start apologizing to the families of the victims instead of spinning this event to serve his own political agenda.

Jared Loughner, pronounced by the Sheriff as Lock-ner, saying it was the Polish pronunciation. Of course he meant Scott or Irish but that isn’t the point. The point is he and his office have had previous contact with the alleged assailant in the past and that is how he knows how to pronounce the name.

Jared Loughner has been making death threats by phone to many people in Pima County including staff of Pima Community College, radio personalities and local bloggers. When Pima County Sheriff’s Office was informed, his deputies assured the victims that he was being well managed by the mental health system. It was also suggested that further pressing of charges would be unnecessary and probably cause more problems than it solved as Jared Loughner has a family member that works for Pima County. Amy Loughner is a Natural Resource specialist for the Pima County Parks and Recreation. My sympathies and my heart goes out to her and the rest of Mr. Loughner’s family. This tragedy must be tearing them up inside wondering if they had done the right things in trying to manage Jared’s obvious mental instability.

Every victim of his threats previously must also be wondering if this tragedy could have been prevented if they had been more aggressive in pursuing charges against Mr. Loughner. Perhaps with a felony conviction he would never have been able to lawfully by the Glock 9mm Model 19 that he used to strike down the lives of six people and decimate 14 more.

This was not an act of politics. This was an act of a mentally disturbed young man hell bent on getting his 15 minutes of infamy. The Pima County Sheriff’s Department was aware of his violent nature and they failed to act appropriately. This tragedy leads right back to Sherriff Dupnik and all the spin in the world is not going to change that fact.

Housing and Economy: Housing Market Slips Into Depression Territory - CNBC

Housing and Economy: Housing Market Slips Into Depression Territory

By: Cindy Perman Staff Writer

As the economy revs back to life, with signs of hiring on the horizon, the housing market is being left behind like Macaulay Culkin in “Home Alone.”

Macaulay Culkin
Macaulay Culkin

In the past few years, we’ve all been careful to choose our words carefully, not calling it a recession until it fit the technical definition and avoiding any inappropriate use of the “D” word — Depression.

Things were bad but the broader economy never reached Depression territory. The housing market, on the other hand, just crossed that threshold.

Home values have fallen 26 percent since their peak in June 2006, worse than the 25.9-percent decline seen during the Depression years between 1928 and 1933, Zillow reported.

November marked the 53rd consecutive month (4 ½ years) that home values have fallen.

What’s worse, it’s not over yet: Home values are expected to continue to slide as inventories pile up, and likely won't recover until the job market improves.

And while the president is physically protected in an emergency, whisked to a bunker at an undisclosed location, the actual White House is not: The value of1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has dropped by $80 million, or nearly 25 percent since the peak of the housing boom. It’s current value is $251.6 million, according to Zillow, down from $331.5 million.

Oh-h say can you see … by the dawn’s ear-ly light …

No talk radio for Chafee, and on-duty state workers, too | Rhode Island

No talk radio for Chafee, and on-duty state workers, too


Journal Staff Writers

PROVIDENCE — No one is likely to confuse new Governor Chafee with his Republican predecessor, Donald L. Carcieri, and now here’s another way to tell them apart:

Chafee doesn’t plan to spend his own time on talk radio, and he intends to ban state employees from spending their state work time talking on talk radio, which was Carcieri’s favorite medium and an integral part of his communications operation.

Spokesman Michael Trainor said a directive will go out over the next day or so that reflects that new policy.

He said the policy emanates from a belief that talk radio is essentially “ratings-driven, for-profit programming,” and “we don’t think it is appropriate to use taxpayer resources” in the form of state employee work time to “support for-profit, ratings-driven programming.”

Trainor said the new governor will continue to talk to the news reporters for the local radio stations, and the nonprofit local NPR affiliate.

Reached Monday night, WHJJ’s program director, Bill George, said he was curious about the explanation for Chafee’s singling out talk shows since “most media outlets, whether news or opinion, are profit-making entities.”

He said he hopes to have a conversation with Chafee in the next few days in the hope that he can change the governor’s mind.

“We believe that talk radio would be an ideal outlet for Governor Chafee because it’s a great way for him to speak directly to the people,” George said. “It’s also one of the few places where he can have a back-and-forth with the state’s citizens.”

George noted that Carcieri was a regular on Helen Glover’s morning talk show during his years as governor, coming in “at least once a month.”

Barbara Haynes, station manager for WPRO, which is home to the “Buddy Cianci Show,” the “Dan Yorke Show” and John DePetro, said she would have no comment.

Afghanistan A Roadblock To The New World Order

Written By Travis M
New World Order Update

There has been much written about the occupation of Afghanistan by the United States military. The corporate controlled United States media has failed in properly reporting and questioning the policy in Afghanistan, as a free press. Instead, the line about "fighting terrorism" is repeated. There are endless celebrations of the military at every conceivable occasion. Most Americans will simply repeat the phrase, "protecting our freedoms" to explain the occupation in Afghanistan. Most Americans have little or no understanding of the people, or the history of Afghanistan. To most Americans, Afghanistan is simply the place where evil terrorists are bred. What is happening in Afghanistan is nothing new. In 1839, British troops went into Afghanistan to thwart a Russian attempt to occupy the country. In 1841, the British suffered the most complete defeat in their garrison's history, leaving one survivor to flee Kabul. The occupation had failed. The Russians had their "Vietnam" trying to occupy the country in the 1980's, and were also forced to retreat. There was even a Hollywood movie about the man who helped the local Taliban fight the evil Russians, called Rambo. How ironic that just over a decade later it would be the Americans playing the same role as so many before them.

CIA director, Leon Panetta, admitted there were less than 100 members of al-Qaida left in Afghanistan in June, 2010. It seems this admission should be enough to declare victory and come home. Instead, Washington has declared endless spending bills to fund the continuing occupation.  It has also been well documented that the production of opium, since the U.S. occupation, has reached a record high. Accounting for over 90% of the world's heroin. In this bizarre clip, Geraldo Rivera, in a report on The Fox News channel, has admitted that the, "U.S. forces are tolerating the opium growth".  CBC News reported military police were investigating claims that British and Canadian soldiers may have trafficked heroin from Afghanistan. Retired U.S. Army Colonel Andrew Bacevich argued that an admission  from General Davis Petraeus, that, "there is no military solution in Afghanistan" is historic, and will damage the ability to demonstrate the war can work.  The United States alleged ally in this war, Pakistan, is funding the Taliban. It is also telling that 92% of Afghans have never heard of 9/11. Therefore, most Afghans would have no idea why the United States is invading their country.

There are many reasons and benefits given for the continued occupation of Afghanistan. There is the opium, the recently discovered untapped amounts of Lithium, an oil pipeline, and many other monetary reasons to continue the occupation. Afghanistan is a central, geostrategic location bordering China, Iran, and Pakistan.

One of the biggest problems the Globalists face in Afghanistan is the fierce independence of the Afghan culture, and the defense of their land to outsiders. The rugged and vast terrain also makes it difficult for effective checkpoints and security. The primary reason the United States is in Afghanistan is to standardize the Afghan people, into the Globalists vision, of a planned world society. The United States taxpayer has become the funding arm for the military wing of the New World Order. The New World Order frowns upon ancient cultures, and their forms of government. Many of these countries, such as Afghanistan, have shown continued resistance to being standardized into the Western form of banking and culture. The dollar will be kept on life support until the Middle East is standardized. After this goal is accomplished, the rug will be pulled out from under the dollar. The push for globalization of the Middle East has strengthened Islamic Fundamentalism, and created more obstacles of war, than peace.

Much of the terrorism can be blamed on the West. The Western world is funding and arming many of the supposed terrorists with weapons and rhetoric. A perfect example, is when the United States funded and created the Mujahideen. The Mujahideen is the foundation that would become Al-Qaeda, used to bog down and fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Former National Security Advisor  Zbigniew Brzezinski even bragged about this on video. This relationship is not just one of a bygone era, but according to evidence and continued all the way until September 11, 2001 and beyond. There is also the admission by former FBI translator, Sibel Edmonds, that Osama Bin Laden worked for the U.S. up until 9/11. Even mainstream news openly reported that Anwar Al -Awlaki, first on the CIA's Al-Qaeda kill list, dined at the Pentagon just months after 9/11.  For centuries, the people of Afghanistan have driven out countless armies that have attempted to invade and occupy their country. Agenda 21 is also at play in this occupation. The West would like to use this region as a strategic point to further standardize the rest of the Middle East. This plan was clearly laid out in the neoconservative think tank document, "The Project For a New American Century" which declared that a, "Pearl Harbor type event was needed" to rebuild America's defenses. Right on cue, under a year later, this type event happened.

Afghanistan is a road block to the Globalists Agenda of standardizing the Middle East under their fascist, collectivist, and central banking system. The Afghans are stubborn people who have defended their rights to live on their land without globalist intervention and western ideals being forced upon them. Nine years into the NATO occupation there is little evidence that Afghanistan will submit to this order anytime soon.