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Confederate day to close county, state offices

Confederate day to close county, state offices » Anderson Independent Mail

— For organizers of Confederate Memorial Day events, recognizing the dead is not about re-fighting the Civil War, but honoring those who fought in it.

Julia Barnes, Piedmont District director of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, said the day was about remembering the sacrifices made by the veterans.

“I think that people are beginning to understand that our soldiers during the Civil War were still veterans. We’re not refighting the war, we’re remembering the veterans — just like we do our Revolutionary War veterans and the veterans of World War I and World War II,” Barnes said. “They were doing what they felt was honorable in representing South Carolina. South Carolinians were not citizens of the United States during the Civil War, they were citizens of the Confederacy and they were attacked.”

On May 10, South Carolina’s Memorial Day, members of the various chapters of the United Daughters of the Confederacy will remember Confederate and Union Soldiers across the state.

In Anderson County, two different groups will celebrate the day in different ways.

Marion Whitehurst, president of the John C. Calhoun Chapter of the UDC, said her group would gather at 3 p.m. Tuesday in the Old Stone Church cemetery in Pendleton to mark the 45 graves and read off the names of the Confederate dead buried there. The group will also mark the graves of some 13 Revolutionary War patriots, including two women, she said.

In Belton, members of the UDC chapter there will hold a memorial service at 11 a.m. at the Belton Confederate Memorial across from the city cemetery.

Other events are planned for the weekend.

On May 14, a memorial service will be held at noon on the square in Anderson. Later, at 6 p.m., a Civil War Roundtable will be held at Mama Penn’s in Anderson. The evening will feature Nora Brooks, who will provide attendees at a look inside the life of Mildred Childe Lee, Gen. Robert E. Lee’s youngest daughter.

On May 15, the Daughters of the American Revolution will present a historical preservation award to Timothy Drake for his work on the restoration of Woodburn and Ashtabula mansions. The event will be held at 2 p.m. at the Belton Museum.

This event marks the death of Gen. Andrew Stonewall Jackson. This year is the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

Barnes said the marking of the sesquicentennial has precipitated a change in people’s perception of Confederate Memorial Day and what it means.

“There’s a heightened interest in the Civil War,” she said. “There’s been a lot of stuff on television and in magazines and in the newspaper. I think it’s bringing it more to the people’s attention. And there’s a lot more interest in society as a whole and how the war impacted the men and women of the time.”

Houston to Chicago Flight Diverts in St. Louis

Houston to Chicago Flight Diverts in St. Louis -

A Continental Airlines flight from Houston to Chicago diverted in St. Louis after officials say a passenger tried to open a plane door during the flight.

Continental spokeswoman Julie King says Flight No. 546 landed Sunday around 1:30 p.m. at Lambert St. Louis-International Airport and was grounded about an hour before leaving for Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Lynn Lunsford confirms an "unruly" passenger tried to open the door.

FBI and airport police in St. Louis are questioning the passenger. Lambert spokesman Jeff Lea says the 34-year-old Illinois man got up 20 minutes after takeoff and said he had to get off the plane. No charges have been filed.

Aviation experts say it's impossible to open a door during flight because of pressurized air in the cabin.

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Scepticism in Pakistan over bin Laden's alleged role

Scepticism in Pakistan over bin Laden's alleged role - Yahoo!Xtra News

CHAK SHAH MOHAMMAD, Pakistan (Reuters) - Pakistani security officials reacted with scepticism on Sunday to a U.S. assertion that Osama bin Laden was actively engaged in directing his far-flung network from his compound in Abbottabad where he was killed on May 2.

Washington said on Saturday that, based on a trove of documents and computer equipment seized in the raid, bin Laden's hideout north of Islamabad was an "active command and control centre" for al Qaeda where he was involved in plotting future attacks on the United States.

"It sounds ridiculous," said a senior intelligence official. "It doesn't sound like he was running a terror network."

Pakistan, heavily dependent on billions of dollars in U.S. aid, is under intense pressure to explain how the al Qaeda leader could have spent so many years undetected just a few hours' drive from its intelligence headquarters in the capital.

Suspicion has deepened that Pakistan's pervasive Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency, which has a long history of contacts with militant groups, may have had ties with bin Laden -- or that at least some of its agents did. The agency has been described as a state within a state.

Pakistan has dismissed such suggestions and says it has paid the highest price in human life and money supporting the U.S. war on militancy launched after bin Laden's followers staged the September 11, 2001, attacks on America.

The Obama administration has seen no evidence Pakistan's government knew bin Laden was living in that country before his killing, the U.S. national security adviser said on Sunday.

Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani is scheduled to "take the nation into confidence" in parliament on Monday, his first statement to the people more than a week after the incident embarrassed the country.

Pakistani officials said the fact that there was no internet connection or even phone line in

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FOX News Focus Group gets it Wrong- Ron Paul Walks Away a Winner | _

FOX News Focus Group gets it Wrong- Ron Paul Walks Away a Winner | _

Probably the largest example of a blunder I have ever witnessed came from a so-called professional news organization. How FOX News expects America to buy this garbage is laughable. These supposed 29 most important people in America obviously were listening to another debate, or didn’t like Ron Paul as obviously most of the other 90 percent did. Ron Paul showed so much promise during the debates that it brought in a new sense of politics altogether, actually, referring to the United States Constitution like never before. Extremely refreshing from a United States presidential candidate.

FOX News should be given the “Rubber Chicken of the Year” award for putting forth this obviously rigged side show. Who did these so-called news professionals expect would buy this garbage anyway? When only certain people are picked to speak as others are left out, fairness goes out the window.

A fair focus group is a group consisting of a mix, not just a group coming from the Herman Cain camp. Obviously, these people all had a non Ron Paul agenda of some sort. The applause heard for Ron Paul’sanswers goes to show you that FOX was scrambling to give us a faulty result. The billionaire that owns FOX News doesn’t want anybody elected unless he is big business oriented.

Ron Paul’s first three answers, if implemented would have brought America back to a leading world position within a week. Hence, a big problem for the millionaires FOX News caters too. FOX News is obviously biased.

Below is an example of the circus act by the so-called focus group. The first question asked by the no nonsense, instrument of political fairness, ring master is a real humdinger, see for yourself:

Wow, do you think that might have been orchestrated just a bit?

Herman Cain was the former chief of the Kansas City Reserve Bank. An arm of the Federal Reserve, a place where the fiat currency printing presses haven’t stopped running since 2008. This puts Herman Cain in the TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) bailout camp. TARP has done nothing except bring America to it’s knees.

His other big business accomplishments were that he was a former Coca-Cola business analyst. After leaving Coca-Cola he went to Pillsbury and eventually went to work for Burger King, at the time a subsidiary of Pillsbury, bringing his assigned region big profits. He became noticed and was given the CEO position over at Godfathers Pizza, at the time was another Pillsbury subsidiary bringing it profitability.

Eventually, he and a group of investors bought out Godfathers and he became the CEO. Earlier, he had been the President of the National Restaurant Association as well. This puts Herman Cain on the FOX News “A” list because of all of the big business accomplishments. Herman Cain’s past business ties has paid FOX News big business add revenues in the past; making Herman Cain a FOX News good guy, hence the wink and nudge.

As seen below, Ron Paul looked like he was already the president of the United States taking care of business as seen below:

You can judge for yourselves about how the other candidates held up. For posterity’s sake, we will post Ron Paul’s highlights up, as this is obviously the man that will show the world some American class. No longer bowing low to the enemies that want to take us down. All the other candidates involved here are basically phonies, only out to enrich themselves in some shape or form. The others are in no way qualified to fix Americas problems such as they are now.

    ‘Heads Will Roll’ After Bin Laden Probe, Pakistani Envoy Says

    ‘Heads Will Roll’ After Bin Laden Probe, Pakistani Envoy Says - Businessweek

    May 8 (Bloomberg) -- Pakistan’s ambassador to the U.S. said “heads will roll” after his country finishes its investigation into how Osama bin Laden managed to hide out near the capital city of Islamabad in the compound where he was killed by U.S. forces.

    Once the investigation is complete, “if those heads are rolled on account of incompetence, we will share that information,” Pakistani Ambassador Husain Haqqani said on ABC’s “This Week” program. “And if, God forbid, somebody’s complicity is discovered, there will be zero tolerance for that.”

    Haqqani told CNN he didn’t know whether the al-Qaeda leader had help from his country’s government or military to stay concealed in Abbottabad, Pakistan. U.S. National Security Adviser Tom Donilon said today that he hasn’t seen any evidence that Pakistani leaders knew about Bin Laden.

    “What we need now is for Pakistan’s elected leaders to exercise the leadership and get to the bottom of the matter,” Haqqani said, during an interview on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” program.

    The U.S. is in the midst of assessing its relationship with Pakistan, which borders Afghanistan. U.S. Navy SEAL commandos killed bin Laden on May 2 in the Abbottabad complex where he had been hiding out. Bin Laden “had an operational and strategic role” in running al-Qaeda, Donilon said on CNN’s “State of the Union” today.

    Domestic Surveillance Court Approved All 1,506 Warrant Applications in 2010

    Domestic Surveillance Court Approved All 1,506 Warrant Applications in 2010 -
    By David Kravets - Wired

    The secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court approved all 1,506 government requests to electronically monitor suspected “agents” of a foreign power or terrorists on U.S. soil last year, according to a Justice Department report released under the Freedom of Information Act.

    The two-page report, which shows about a 13 percent increase in the number of applications for electronic surveillance between 2009 and 2010, was obtained by the Federation of American Scientists and published Friday.

    “The FISC did not deny any applications in whole, or in part,” according to the April 19 report to Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada).

    The 11-member court denied two of 1,329 applications for domestic-intelligence surveillance in 2009. The FBI is the primary agency making those requests.

    Whether the FISA court, whose business is conducted behind closed doors, is rubber-stamping the requests is a matter of debate.

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    They Don't Want To Loose Control

    One PayCheck Away from Hitting the Street

    Cheney praises Obama over bin Laden

    Cheney praises Obama over bin Laden -- but not interrogation rules - The Oval: Tracking the Obama presidencyBy David Jackson, USA TODAY

    By Mark Wilson, Getty Images
    Dick Cheney said he gives President Obama "high marks" for the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, telling Fox News Sundaythat "I think he handled it well."

    But the former Republican vice president also continued to lament Obama-era restrictions on interrogation techniques, saying the program that he and George W. Bush put together produced information that led to bin Laden's capture.

    Some of those techniques -- including sleep deprivation and the simulated drowning technique known as waterboarding -- were lawful and helped break up terrorist plots, Cheney said.

    "I am still concerned about the fact that, I think a lot of the techniques that we had used to keep the country safe for more than seven years are no longer available," he said. "That they've been sort of taken off the table, if you will."

    Cheney also called on Obama to close down a Justice Department investigation into officials who may have used allegedly unlawful interrogation techniques during the Bush years.

    "I think it is an outrage that we would go after the people who deserve the credit for keeping us safe," Cheney said.

    The former vice president also expressed concern that, with bin Laden dead, there will be "a rush to get out of Afghanistan."

    Obama has said he will begin a U.S. withdrawal process from Afghanistan in July; the U.S. and its allies plan to turn over all security to the Afghans themselves by 2014.

    Still, Cheney said Obama deserved credit for sending a Navy SEAL team into bin Laden's compound in Pakistan a week ago today.

    "Well, I think you've got to give him a lot of credit for making the decision to have the SEAL team 6 conduct the raid that got bin Laden," Cheney told Fox News Sunday. "It's no question that was his responsibility and I think he handled it well."

    Irish government sees opportunity from Greek crisis

    Irish government sees opportunity from Greek crisis | Reuters

    DUBLIN | Sun May 8, 2011 10:03am EDT

    (Reuters) - Ireland's government is watching to see what concessions it can win on its EU-IMF bailout ifGreece is given a new deal to resolve its worsening debt crisis, a senior government minister said on Sunday.

    "The thing I am interested in is whether there are positive implications forIreland about dealing with the situation the Greek government now confronts," Minister for Energy Pat Rabbitte told state broadcaster RTE.

    Charlie Veitch at Defend the Right to Protest Meeting 2011

    "If You Believe The Newest Death Of Osama Bin Laden YOU'RE STUPID!" Cind...

    Bin Laden compound facing the wrecker’s ball

    Bin Laden compound facing the wrecker’s ball : Deadline Live With Jack Blood

    Matt Wade, Abbottabad, Pakistan
    May 8, 2011
    the Age

    PAKISTANI authorities are reported to be considering demolishing Osama bin Laden’s hideout in the garrison town of Abbottabad to prevent it becoming a rallying point for extremists.

    The walled compound where bin Laden was killed when US forces raided in the early hours of Monday has been transformed from mysterious hideaway to tourist attraction.

    “The crowds have been getting bigger every day,” said Hasnat Ahmed, a 22-year-old engineering graduate who can see bin Laden’s compound from his rooftop. “We are not sure about international tourism yet, but I think we will be getting plenty of people from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.”

    While al-Qaeda has finally admitted bin Laden’s death, many Pakistanis are sceptical about claims the al-Qaeda chief was killed in the raid and question the White House’s decision not to release photos of his body.

    The US disposed of bin Laden’s body at sea so his grave wouldn’t become a shrine for extremists. But if the past few days are any guide, the al-Qaeda chief’s house has pulling power.

    Sources have told The Sunday Age that demolition of the concrete buildings and high perimeter wall is being considered to stop it becoming a shrine. No date has been announced for any demolition.

    Extra security personnel have been deployed around the compound in recent days to tighten security and help with crowd control.

    “Everyone is interested in this,” said telco worker Shah Zaib Khan, who walked from his home more than an hour away to take a look at the walled compound. “Is it drama or is it a reality?”

    Rashid-ul-Haq Qazi, a lawyer who visited the compound, had another suggestion: charge people to look inside. “It would be wiser to print some tickets and charge an entry fee,” he said.

    Bin Laden’s fifth wife, detained after the raid on Abbottabad, has told Pakistani investigators that he lived in another town in northern Pakistan before moving to the neighbourhood where he was killed, the Dawn newspaper reported.

    Amal Ahmed al-Sadah reportedly told investigators that bin Laden lived on the outskirts of Haripur, about 25 kilometres south of Abbottabad, from 2003 until late 2005.

    This testimony suggests the world’s most wanted man was living in urban settlements for nearly eight years before he was killed.

    Meanwhile The New York Times reported that the US government has demanded Pakistan provide the identities of some of its top intelligence operatives, as the US tries to determine whether any of them had contact with bin Laden or his agents in the years before he was killed.

    The paper said there had been a tense discussion between Pakistani officials and a US envoy sent to Pakistan last week, amid growing suspicion among US intelligence and diplomatic officials that someone in Pakistan’s secret intelligence agency knew of bin Laden’s location and helped shield him.

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    Health care costs a hefty price tag for Pentagon

    Health care costs a hefty price tag for Pentagon |
    Sunday, May 08, 2011
    Defense Secretary-Air Force

    Secretary of Defense Robert Gates addresses airmen at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, in Goldsboro, N.C., Friday May 6, 2011. Gates awarded the Bronze Star to Senior Master Sergeant Arnel Abad and gave coins to members of the 4th Fighter Wing and the 916 Air Refueling Wing. (AP Photo/The News-Argus, Michael K. Dakota) MANDATORY CREDIT

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A military built for fighting wars is looking more and more like a health care entitlement program.

    Costs of the program that provides health coverage to some 10 million active duty personnel, retirees, reservists and their families have jumped from $19 billion in 2001 to $53 billion in the Pentagon's latest budget request.

    Desperate to cut spending in Washington's time of fiscally austerity, President Barack Obama has proposed increasing the fees for working-age retirees in the decades-old health program, known as TRICARE. After years of resisting proposed increases for the military men and women who sacrificed for a nation, budget-conscious lawmakers suddenly are poised to make them pay a bit more for their health care, though not on the president's terms.

    Apple Store Fight Breaks Out During iPad Launch In Beijing

    Apple Store Fight Breaks Out During iPad Launch In Beijing

    BEIJING -- A Chinese man says he saw a fight between an Apple store employee and a customer amid a frenzy to buy the newly launched iPad 2.

    Thirty-year-old Wang Ming says Saturday's scuffle at the Apple store in Beijing's Sanlitun district was between a "foreign" Apple staffer and a Chinese customer. Wang says he heard that the customer had cut into a line and was a scalper.

    Unconfirmed Chinese news reports said three or four customers were injured. Wang says he was passing by when a bottle hit his head, causing a gash.

    Photos taken in the aftermath of the scuffle showed Wang and another man with a wound on his back lying on the ground outside the shop and the store's glass front door shattered.

    Apple Inc. staff could not immediately be reached for comment.

    Iraqi al-Qaeda leader 'among 15 dead in jail mutiny'

    BBC News - Iraqi al-Qaeda leader 'among 15 dead in jail mutiny'

    At least 11 inmates and four police officers have died in a mutiny at a counter-terrorism prison in Baghdad.

    Al-Qaeda leader Huthaifa al-Batawi, accused of masterminding the deadly siege of a Baghdad church last October, reportedly led the revolt.

    He grabbed an officer's gun while being led to an interrogation and shot four policemen dead, including two high-ranking officers, officials say.

    Five other officers were wounded in crossfire before Batawi was killed.

    An interior ministry official told AFP news agency that Batawi was being taken to be interrogated about possible al-Qaeda plots in Iraq to avenge the death of Osama Bin Laden when he seized an officer's gun.

    He managed to free a group of other inmates before they attempted to break out of the prison in the Iraqi capital's central Karrada district in the early hours of Sunday morning, said the official.

    But the would-be escapees were killed by security reinforcements.

    Batawi was among 12 people arrested last November in connection with the siege of a Catholic Church in Baghdad's Karrada district on 31 October.

    More than 100 people were attending mass at the time, and were taken hostage. At least half of them were killed when Iraqi security forces moved in to try to free them.

    Teen Arrested For Asking Cop About Unwarranted Raids

    False Flags - An American Tradition

    False Flags - An American Tradition
    By Stephen Lendman
    Wikipedia defines false or black flags as "covert operations designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities."
    They're "big lies," defined by Merriam-Webster as "deliberate gross distortion(s) of the truth used especially as a propaganda tactic."
    America's decade from September 11, 2001 to May 1, 2011 was punctuated by the (big) lie of our time and (big) lie of the moment.
    Put another way, the official stories are falsified, myths, widely believed fantasies contrary to reality.
    In his exhaustive research and writings, David Ray Griffin provided convincing evidence that 9/11 was an inside job and that bin Laden died of natural causes in mid-December 2001.
    The former spawned a decade of overt and covert "war on terror" lawlessness at home and abroad. Policies and events following the second have yet to unfold, but expect little at best to be positive.
    Past US false flags provided pretexts for militarism, wars, occupations, domestic repression, and national security state extremism, antithetical to democratically free and open societies. Allegedly removing America's "Enemy Number One," in fact, may intensify, not diminish, Washington's scheme for unchallengeable global dominance. More on him below.
    With or without bin Laden, bogymen threats are plentiful. Since WW II alone, America's had numerous ones, including communists, Al Qaeda, WMDs, the Taliban, Gaddafi, and a host others yet unnamed, as well as numerous "foiled" domestic ones.
    Among others, they include:
    -- a fake shoe bomber;
    -- fake underwear bomber;
    -- fake Times Square bomber;
    -- an earlier one there;
    -- fake shampoo bombers;
    -- fake Al Qaeda woman planning fake mass casualty attacks on New York landmarks;
    -- fake Oregon bomber;
    -- fake armed forces recruiting station bomber;
    -- fake synagogue bombers;
    -- fake Chicago Sears Tower bombers;
    -- fake FBI and other building bombers;
    -- fake National Guard, Fort Dix and Quantico marine base attackers;
    -- fake 9/11 bombers; and
    -- others to enlist public support for the fake war on terror and very real ones it spawned.
    America, Pakistan, Bin Laden, Official Lies, and Misreporting
    On May 5, New York Times writer Elisabeth Bumiller headlined, "Pentagon Breaks Silence on Pakistani Role," saying:
    A "top Pentagon official said....Pakistan would have to work hard to rebuild relations with the United States Congress," including a commitment "to fighting terrorism...."
    It suggests what some analysts suspect: namely, planned destabilization, confrontation, and balkanization for greater Eurasian control, as well as future terrorist false flags.
    On May 5, Times writers Mark Mazzetti and Scott Shane headlined, "Data Show Bin Laden Plots; CIA Hid Near Raided House," saying:
    Alleged "computer files and documents seized at the compound where Osama bin Laden was killed," reveal "considered attacks on American railroads, (but) there was no evidence of a specific plot."
    Perhaps no files and documents either. For sure, no bin Laden.
    Nonetheless, "(s)ince Sunday night, counterterrorism officials have been alert to (possible) new attacks from Al Qaeda to avenge its leader's death," especially at airports, rail facilities, and other strategic locations. "American officials and terrorism experts have warned that this is not the end of Al Qaeda," not, of course, if they're blamed for planned false flags to intensify US imperial wars.
    Another May 5 Bumiller Times report ran cover for shifting official accounts about what really happened on May 1 headlined, "Raid Account, Hastily Told, Proves Fluid," saying:
    "(I)t was a classic collision of a White House desire to promote a stunning national security triumph - and feed a ravenous media - while collecting facts from a chaotic military operation on the other side of the world. At the same time, White House officials worked hard to use the facts of the raid to diminish Bin Laden's legacy."
    She continued, quoting an unnamed Pentagon official claiming no "intent to deceive or dramatize," adding that "Everything we put out we really believed to be true at the time." She also quoted Victoria Clarke, Bush Pentagon spokeswoman, saying, "First reports are always wrong. It's a fundamental truth in military affairs."
    In other words, it was OK first to claim a fierce firefight in which no US forces were killed or hurt, then 24 hours later call the battle one-sided, Navy Seals quickly dispatching bin Laden's guards and "Enemy Number One," shooting him unarmed in the head.
    Notably, however, there's no body, no photos, no video, no evidence, and no truth, just the media regurgitated big lie.
    In fact, more lies compounded it, including about:
    -- Pakistan's alleged knowledge of his presence;
    -- claimed evidence confirming it and assault specifics; and
    -- fabricated bad theater, explained in a slapdash, keystone cops manner.
    High Level Skepticism
    Appearing on CNN May 5, former Pakistani intelligence chief, Hamid Gul, told "In the Arena's" host Eliot Spitzer that bin Laden died years earlier, saying:
    "Yes, I think he died - he perished some years ago, and I think this was a story which was created (because) nobody would want to believe this version....I (don't believe) the story which was given out by the American media and by the American administration."
    Whoever was killed May 1 "was probably somebody else....(American authorities) must have known that he died some years ago....were keeping this story on the ice and they were looking for an appropriate moment" to announce it.
    "(P)eople simply not in Pakistan alone but around the world....don't believe the stories that have been put out."
    In other words, the entire account was fabricated, the event staged, Western media, including The New York Times, running cover for the big lie. Gul politely called it "a huge intelligence failure."
    Notable American and Other False Flags
    Discussed in earlier writing, numerous ones stand out, including:
    -- In 1898, Spain was falsely accused of blowing up the USS Maine in Havana, Cuba harbor. The Spanish-American war followed.
    -- On May 7, 1915, a German U-boat was accused of torpedoing the RMS Lusitania, killing 128 US citizens. It helped precipitate America's April 4, 1917 WW I entry, a war Woodrow Wilson wanted and got through a propaganda campaign, turning pacifist Americans into German haters. It was later learned that on board munitions, not a torpedo, exploded, sinking the ship.
    -- In 1933 Germany, a week before general elections, the strategically timed Reichstag fire (home of the German parliament) was blamed on communists. President Paul von Hindenburg's emergency decree followed. Civil liberties were suspended. Weimar Republic democracy ended, and Hitler assumed fascist powers after enough Nazis were elected to assure it.
    -- On August 31, 1939, Nazis impersonating Polish terrorists attacked the Gleiwitz radio station on the border between the two countries, starting WW II.
    -- On December 7, 1941, Roosevelt manipulated Japan to attack Pearl Harbor, giving him the war he wanted from the early 1930s, but had to convince a pacifist public of the threat. The fleet was also tracked across the Pacific, but Admiral HE Kimmel wasn't warned or given known intelligence to assure enough mass casualties for congressional and public support.
    -- Complicit with Washington, numerous 1949/1950 South Korean incursions north precipitated Pyongyang's retaliation in June 1950, giving Truman the war he wanted.
    -- In 1962, a US Joint Chiefs of Staff proposed false flag never happened because Kennedy rejected it. Called Operation Northwoods (a part of Operation Mongoose), it included sinking US ships, shooting down US commercial airliners, blowing up buildings in US cities, attacking America's Guantanamo base, other incidents, and blaming it on Cuba as a reason for war.
    -- The fake August 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident initiated full-scale retaliation against North Vietnam after Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, authorizing war without declaring it.
    -- In October 1983, after ousting Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, US forces invaded Grenada, allegedly to rescue American medical students threatened by nonbelligerent Cubans building infrastructure.
    -- In December 1989, manufactured incidents precipitated America's Panama invasion, deposing Manuel Noriega, one-time ally turned enemy because he forgot who's boss.
    -- in August 1990, Washington colluded with the al- Sabah monarchy, entrapping Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait. In January 1991, it launched the Gulf War, followed by over two decades of sanctions, more war occupation, and destruction of the "cradle of civilization."
    -- The September 11, 2001 false flag operation launched a decade of imperial wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Palestine allied with Israel, perhaps others to come, as well as proxy wars in Somalia, Yemen, Bahrain, Central Africa, Haiti, Honduras, Colombia, and at home against Muslims, Latino immigrants, and working Americas.
    On February 16, 2010, a Washington's blog web site ( article titled, "Governments ADMIT That They Carry Out False Flag Terror" listed examples, including:
    -- The CIA admitted its 1950s role in toppling Iran's democratically government in 1953.
    -- Israel acknowledged a 1954 attack in Egypt, including planting bombs in US diplomatic facilities, leaving "evidence" of Arab involvement.
    -- Indonesia's former president, Abdurrahman Wahid, said the nation's police or military most likely were involved in the 2002 Bali bombing, killing over 200 people.
    -- A former Italian prime minister, judge, and military counterintelligence head, General Gianadelio Maletti, said America's CIA instigated and abetted right wing terrorist groups in the 1970s and earlier, including bombing a Milan bank in 1969 to rally popular anti-communist support in Italy and other European countries.
    -- Many others, including former Carter administration National Security Adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, telling a Senate committee that a false flag terror attack on US soil might occur to blame Iran and justify war.
    In his 1997 book, "The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives," he said:
    "Moreover, as America becomes an increasingly multicultural society, it may find it more difficult to fashion a consensus on foreign policy issues, except in the circumstance of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat," the kind 9/11 created - predicted, planned, orchestrated, and carried out to further new world order global dominance.
    Other False Flag Examples
    -- The March 2004 Madrid train bombings occurred three days before Spain's general elections. With no supportive evidence, they were blamed on Al Qaeda, yet they stoked public fear of threats against other Western cities, including American ones.
    -- The July 7, 2005 London underground bombings (called 7/7) were a series of attacks on the city's public transport system during the morning rush hour for maximum disruption and casualties. At precisely the same time, an anti-terror drill occurred, simulating real attacks. It was no coincidence, others in America and Britain came on the same day.
    -- On 9/11 morning, the CIA ran a "pre-planned simulation to explore the emergency response issues that would be created if a plane were to strike a building." Held at the Agency's Chantilly, Virginia Reconnaissance Office, AP reported (on August 22, 2002) that it simulated "a small corporate jet (hitting) one of the four towers....after experiencing a mechanical failure."
    Unmentioned at the time was a later revealed (but unreported) Homeland Security conference announcement a year later to commemorate the 9/11 event. Held under the auspices of the National Law Enforcement and Security Institute, one of its speakers was John Fulton, CIA Chief of the Strategic War Gaming Division of the National Reconnaissance office in charge of the operation. Another coincidence, or was something more sinister afoot?
    In October 2000, the Pentagon simulated a commercial plane striking the Pentagon, coordinated by its Command Emergency Response Team and the Defense Protective Services Police. This and the 9/11 exercises are more than coincidental, given what's now known and the fallout.
    -- On June 30, 2007, a Jeep Cherokee with propane canisters crashed into Glasgow International Airport's glass doors, the BBC reporting that it "was in the middle of the doorway burning....The car didn't actually explode. There were a few pops and bangs which presumably was the petrol."
    The usual suspects were falsely blamed, Al Qaeda and Islamic terrorists.
    In Miami, on January 11, 2010 (one day before Haiti's earthquake), the Pentagon's US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) simulated a hurricane striking the island in preparation for subsequent measures to be implemented. A carefully prepared military operation, they included occupying, controlling, and plundering the island.
    Also, Deputy SOUTHCOM head, General PK Keen, was in Haiti when the quake struck, ready to assume command when it did and use a communication tool called the Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project (TISC), linking other nations and NGOs with the Pentagon and US government to facilitate measures to be implemented. None were to help Haitians.
    A Final Comment
    Exposed as bad theater, New York Times writer Elizabeth Harris further discredited the broadsheet, headlining:
    "Al Qaeda Confirms Bin Laden's Death," citing an unconfirmed statement, warning of new attacks to come. It also said an audio recording days before his death will soon be released. In fact, past video and audio ones were exposed as fakes.
    Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.