Friday, January 20, 2012

Top US Nuclear Expert Tells Obama: There Is No Weapons Threat From Iran

The former director of U.S. programs for production of nuclear materials and components for nuclear weapons, Clinton Bastin, sent an open letter to President Obama the morning of January 13, explaining that there is no weapons threat from Iran's fully safeguarded nuclear power and research programs. A copy of the letter, which the nuclear scientist also sent to the Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations, was made available to 21st Century Science & Technology magazine yesterday. It is reproduced below in full.
Bastin, who has served in leading positions in government since the 1950s, laid out the case on Iran in greater detail in an interview with 21st Century Science Nov. 18, 2011. The interview, which devastates the arguments for an Iranian nuclear weapons threat, is available at the 21st Century Science and Technology website.

Corporations Running US Gov. Policy (proof)

Clinton Turns to Naked Corporate-Fascism

JP Morgan, Exxon, Boeing, Among State Department's New Advisers.
by Tony Cartalucci

December 6, 2011 - The Washington Post has recently reported in an article titled, "Hillary Clinton turns to think tankers for new Foreign Affairs Policy Board," that the US State Department will from now on depend on permanent advisory drawn from the ranks of what it calls "think tank scholars." The article also notes that this move is similar to the already existing Defense Policy Board at the Pentagon, and that this is an effort to make the US State Department more like the Defense Department - however in which way the author is not clear.

Since the US State Department literally is directing armies of protesters and their armed counterparts in the streets from Tunisia to Syria, from Belarus to Moscow, and from Myanmarto Bangkok and Malaysia, it would indeed make sense to reconfigure it into something more suitable to oversee warfare rather than diplomacy. It is the US State Department from which organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy and its myriad of seditious-sowing NGOs stem from and go forth manipulating foreign governments rather than dealing with them as equal sovereign states, a long running theme pursued throughout the upper echelons of the "globocratic" elite.

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A Regular Mom On Ron Paul

Lee, what Ron Paul stands for is personal freedom as long as its not harming another human being. If someone gets high and kills someone, obviously they'll be arrested and pay the price. The government doesn't care about what they put in our food, or water, or cancer causing plastic, why worry about someone who wants to take drugs. I don't think anyone needs permission from the gov't to be married. That is the Churches responsibility. If a Church decides its cool to marry gays, then I won't attend it or support it financially. That's my right, and that's their right. Why worry about ANYTHING EVER if it doesn't matter b/c we can be forgiven by people or by God and not be judged? Why don't you just go around do whatever the hell you feel like whenever you want to? You know right from wrong, and so does everybody else. I know God will forgive my sins, but I'm not just going to go out and act a fool and get into trouble just b/c I know I'll be forgiven. I'm sick of government at all levels. Its not isolation if you aren't occupying a country. We are not the worlds police. Just b/c we don't have British troops hanging out on US soil watching every move we make, doesn't mean they won't help us if we need it. And just b/c we bring troops home from policing other countries doesnt mean they wont bail us out. Why are we even force them into bailing us out if we need it someday? Bush was pro life but I didn't see any abortion clinics shutdown. I'm for changing hearts and minds, not laws. I will never, ever welcome more gov't into my life b/c of fear. Whether that be fear of other people on drugs or fear of a terrorist attack. Y'all act like we're going to have bombs dropped on neighborhoods or suicide bombers at bilo if the gov't doesnt have troops everywhere or cant monitor our conversations. We had a horrible tragedy in this country on 9/11, but I will not live in fear of it happening again. I got off an airplane flying from LAX to ATL on 9/10/01, but I've flown since then. Having air marshalls is a safety precaution, not looking at my naked body or putting your hands down my pants or patting down my child. We can have safety precautions in place without violating our civil or personal liberties. We have plenty of intelligence and military ready at a moments notice without having to monitor what every citizen is doing all the time.


Canadian Gov. Agency with Nothing to Do

Chairman David Brown: 'We haven't had to do nearly as much as our original mandate intended.'

A federal agency created by the Harper government with great political fanfare in 2008 is costing millions of dollars to achieve pretty much nothing.
The Canada Employment Insurance Financing Board has just about everything a budding government agency could want.
So far, it has spent over $3.3 million for new offices, computers and furniture, well-paid executives and staff, travel budgets, expense accounts, board meetings, and lots of pricey consultants.
All that's missing is a reason for it to exist at all.

Why Rick Santorum Annoys Me

Watch this former Pennsylvania one term Senator in the debates last night tell me he is less then a statesmen. I believe the Iowa victory is a hollow one because he did not have the organization or the numbers to have a following to go to the polls on his behalf. Now I see his head and ego is beginning to swell. Like Newt, Mitt and Perry. They own egos will cancel them out. There was so many mischaracterization the former Senator made says real soon making such outrageous claims will cause him to be chewed up, spit out and walked all over. He is getting very cocky and over confident with a win in Iowa that I believe is not so.

               I am not a fan of Gingrich and Romney at all. But I do have to commend them for not stooping to the former Senator's level, maintaining some decorum in their tone how they respond to his attacks. Santorum twisting the facts about all the candidates will come back to haunt him real soon. He has not shown himself to act like a statesmen in these debates. He is cocky incapable of faking any humility or having any class. If he is going to challenge a person's record, he cannot tell half truths or twist the facts. He is going to get eaten alive in the end because of it.

               What really galls me is he said Ron Paul is not pro life like Rick Santorum is because Ron Paul believes abortion is a state's rights issue that should be outside the reach of Federal jurisdiction. Ron Paul delivered over 4000 babies and never performed an abortion as a Medical Doctor. The loser Senator also accused Ron Paul being anti gun because he voted against Federal tort reform because tort law is a state issue and not under Federal jurisdiction. This is how Rick Santorum try to label Ron Paul as anti gun and a pro choice republican by trying to twist the facts about the Texas congressmen voting record in congress.

                This is what annoys me about Rick Santorum, even the other candidates are starting to show respect to Ron Paul except Rick Santorum who is attacking everyone record twisting their records and trying to manipulate the voters to think he is the only Conservative when his record is not above reproach at all. He has a dismal record as a Senator.

                  The former Senators cocky attitude twisting everyone's record will come back to bite him in the end. With this kind off conduct in the debates sniping attacking his opponents with no basis and fact to back it up shows he will not last too long in this race either. He has plenty of dirt in his record as a congressmen and Senator that shows him lacking in Conservative credentials. He shows no respect for his opponents. Even Newt and Mitt show some respect to Ron Paul no how much they disagree with him. They acknowledge he is a force to be reckoned with. Rick Santorum does not show any respect to any of his opponents. That is what annoys me about Rick Santorum.

US army chief: Won't let Holocaust happen again

Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey visited Friday the Yad Vashem Holocaust History Museum in Jerusalem, accompanied by IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz and US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro.
During his visit, Dempsey lit the memorial "Eternal Flame" torch and laid a wreath at the Yizkor tent. The US general stated that the US will work together with Israel to make sure that such atrocities never happen again.
Memo to US Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey: Israel is bristling with nuclear weapons; no country's leadership in their collective right minds is going to mess with them!
And let me say something about Iran right now: Iranian leadership may be many things, but stupid isn't one of them. Even if they were working on a nuclear missile program (which all the evidence collected to date indicates they are not,), this would simply be as a deterrent, having taken to heart the consequences of the US's brutal and bloody invasion and occupation of Iraq, a country which did not have a nuclear deterrent.,7340,L-4178434,00.html

Newt is leading in South Carolina even though no one shows up for his events.

"CHARLESTON, S.C.- Newt Gingrich has cancelled a campaign appearance in South Carolina because of poor attendance."
"There were just a few dozen people in the audience at the College of Charleston's arena, where the event was taking place."
Ron Paul's College of Charleston event draws over 1000:

Newt Gingrich's first three wives support Ron Paul

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