Sunday, December 15, 2013

Howard University Students Talk About Obamacare

Remaining Sane In The Twilight Zone of America

I grow increasingly aware of what I consider to be a truth as I grow older in this world. If our current "society" (which I will expand upon) is considered "normal" by most, those of us who look at its realities objectively using logic and humanity as a cornerstone could thus be diagnosed with a "disorder" or "mental illness".

This is a society in which you are taught as a baby your purpose is to conform to a model of a "citizen" which means you will go to school memorize things and prepare to become a productive tax payer. You will be expected to borrow money which is created out of thin air to pay for things you may or may not even need. You are expected to comply with close to 50% of the fruits of your labor to be taken via force by a government which is not required to spend the money in any specific way. This is why a "career" is important. You are expected to ask and pay for permission to do things as primal as catch fish from a river or face prison. When the government spends the 50% they steal from you to bomb weddings in Yemen via remote controlled airplanes you are supposed to salute. After all you do vote right? Welll....not for anything specific.

This same "society" also has a private bank create something called "money" out of thin air or on a computer screen then lends it to "your" government to spend on your "behalf" you are then expected (your childrens children) to pay this money back to this private bank at interest. This is a society that worships money and materialism. You can watch our Congress on CSPAN admit openly they were threatened with martial law in America if they did not give Wall St. Goldman Sachs etc...billions in free money to bail them out. They voted no, then came back and 57 changed their votes. This is a society thats people in cages for decades for smoking a natural plant that grows in the wild however promotes giving children mind altering stimulants and sedatives. You can camp outside of BEstBuy on Black Friday and it be legal. But would be illegal to camp out to protest government without a "permit". Stampede people at Wal Mart, no worries. Stampede a government building, you will probably be water boarded.

This same "society" gives its children 60+ shots in the first 5 years of their life manufactured by pharmaceutical companies who are worth more than some countries. This is a society that instead of outrage about a genocide of cancer chooses to celebrate it in cult like manner. This is a "society" so "progressive" it still engages in one of the most barbaric acts there is, killing of unborn humans up to 9 months in development. While at the same time saying it is not your "choice" to even decide to wear a seat belt. So much for the "its my body" argument.

This "society" admits its spies on every single communication of its entire population to fight "terrorism" when logic tells us we are 7 times more likely to be killed by a police officer, more likely to be struck by lighting twice, drown in the bathtub, or be killed by bees than killed in a "terrorist attack". This is a "society" that has more people in prison per person than any other country in the world. Where Building 7 is demolished at free fall speed on TV with no plane hitting it with reporters saying it fell 20 minutes before it did. A President can have his head blown off in broad daylight by the powers that be and over half the population inculding the Sec. of Defense all know the "official story" is nothing more than a fairy tale.

This "society" still accepts the combustible gas engine is the best we can do. You can be President without a basic background check. You will "vote out" all the bad guys. Perpetual growth or the entire economy collapses is sustainable. Inflation is good. 

I could go on and on. Point being this....

If one looks at our current reality using logic it would make anyone "crazy" esp when most of the people around you accept all of this as "normal" Those whom using basic logic can not in good will conform to this twisted corrupt system are labeled as "mentally ill" or worse. If one realizes all of this it is a struggle to even continue to operate in such a corrupt reality. It only worsens when most of those around them find everything about the system as totally normal. Torture, spying, 50% taxation, police state, open theft of billions by Wall St, corrupt judicial system, endless wars with millions dead, forced mandates of buying services such as insurance, and to many more realities to mention.

I now believe the homeless man talking to himself you occasionally see is the most sane person I might run into. To remain "sane" in a system like this requires either very good compliance and programming or extreme tolerance and faith which I try to maintain.