Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A simple man's thoughts on years being awake to the new world order

For the last 5-6 years I have read news, watched documentaries, attended events, spoke to people, hosted radio shows, made 600 plus videos, analyzed, taken my family to DC to protest, listened and prayed. I have witnessed our country swirl down the toilet while screaming, pleading and hoping that someone besides me would manage to give a shit. Many do thankfully, but more don't, thats human nature and I can live with that. Since I "woke up" either by coincidence or design (take your pick) a lot of things have happened. I lost my business of 8 years (intensifying upon researching and publishing videos on freemasons, global property codes, filming a census worker geolocating my home, Agenda 21, 911, Oklahoma City, geoengineering, confronting Lindsey Graham and hosting my radio show), lost cell usage, a vehicle, internet, my laptop, my firearm,  I no longer speak to immediate family members due to my passion to stay steadfast to the truth even when it involves blood. They say blood is thicker than water, I disagree the truth is thicker (at least for me). I lost a lot but gained more. I gained strength and most importantly a purpose and the truth. I was able to see people much more clearly and understand why they think and do the things they do.

I did what I was taught as a kid by the very people who turned their back on me. I naively thought they shared the ideals they taught me. No reality is much darker and the system were raised in is mostly lies and BS. I could give countless examples but I don't even want to bother. I saw friends distance, but others I barely knew around the world confirm my research and join me on air. I saw friends through this internet thing reach out to me and my family in our most desperate times of need providing us with things we needed bad while many who I thought were closest to me turned a blind eye. People I barely knew sent me checks so I could make a video to post or a refurbished laptop so I could continue on air. Meanwhile "Travis is starting to lose it" was the narrative closer to home. "I mean what does he think is going to happen when he is out there talking about all this stuff". Yeah I have heard it. I wear it like a badge. It is life. We have one flash, one lighting strike on this planet to live. I am an idealist, guilty as charged. I believe what I believe and I know why and ill defend it to the death. That makes me "foolish" "unrealistic" or "stubborn" in most peoples eyes. Guess what I dont give a shit and never will. Thats my freedom. I dont care what anyone thinks. The greatest shackles and chains you will ever have is not debt (what a false lie that is debt doesnt even exist nor does money) it is the fear of what others will think. It LITERALLY runs the world. FEAR, FEAR, FEAR. I have a message. Im not scared, of death, authorities, government...im where I am supposed to be and will remain there in this life until I pass to the next. That is out of my hands.

I told my wife 5 years ago that I hope im crazy and wrong. We can have a laugh about it and go about our lives. Sadly we weren't wrong. Everything has been or is continuing to be confirmed about the research we have done. Were in deep trouble and everyone knows it deep down. Oh sorry if this is "negative" or doesn't fit into the new false lets all hope to be rich and prosperous Christianity message being taught to further numb and castrate the Christian church (see Simon Peter crucified upside down). The same ones that gladly due their "patriotic duty" paying their taxes to fund abortion, death and murder around the world. Yeah sure God wont have anything to say about that. The powers that be, the cabal and the networks and spider web that is the establishment does not even anger me as much as the "neutral" public. The globalists at least have the fortitude to write down what their plan is and what they want to do to us. I can at least respect that they are open about it. Its the "im not really interested in that" that enrages me. You know the wear your ignorance on your sleeve as a badge people. Their just  to sophisticated to be concerned with ACTUAL reality. It might not fit in with their personal zen whatever BS. Deep down they know, they know reading this it is nothing more than a defense mechanism to avoid the truth of the reality were in. Evil prospers when good men do nothing. But never have so many people been so PROUD and HAPPY HAPPY to do NOTHING nor say NOTHING or for that matter even FEEL NOTHING. Lets go along to get along RIGHT. They get emotional about some event the television tells them they should get emotional about. A guy throws 3 kittens out of the back of a truck and there are a record number of comments below the local news article calling for their death or even torture, however a 4 year old Iraqi girl whose arms and legs are blown off by a Bush or Obama ordered drone strike is collateral damage. Its disgusting and sometimes makes me want to vomit. A public so brain dead they will crowd a street to watch a soldier come home in a coffin but couldnt begin to tell you a reason or objective or God forbid QUESTION why that young man is coming home in a box. Nope just wave a little flag and get in line and sing and cry on cue. Dont ask questions. It creates problems. It sure as hell does. We dont want to make anyone uncomfortable. Might say the wrong thing or be to honest.

My grandmother just passed away. Simply stating my grandmother had died to many people made them so uncomfortable they could barely stand in the room. Its called reality folks. Lets not run and hide and act really weird about it. Lets act like adult human beings and deal with it. Your bubble is just that its a bubble go ahead and pop it before reality does folks. A quick disclaimer. Writing or stating all of this does not make me "depressed", "angry", "downer", "negative", "miserable". Thats just their  terms for making themselves feel better about not being engaged in reality. Im quite happy as one can be within this system. I have a loving wife and daughter and amazing family and friends (the ones that still speak to me) Waking up and analyzing life has made me feel much more alive. It is amazing to be totally free of what others think about what I say or do. That is because I know exactly what I believe and WHY. I know government via force is corrupt. I will always win that argument. It is the moral high ground. I am flawed and disgusting but I do the best that I can to make better things happen in the world. I strive to do one thing well. Tell the truth about things that happen in this world. Acting like it doesnt effect you wont save you. It wont help you.

I do what I do because I have a 7 year old angel im responsible for. How DARE everyone quietly enslave her and her generation to trillions in debt. We should fall to our knees and weep at the slave system we have created for our children of made up fiat debt. I try, thats all I do. I fail a lot. I cant reach enough people. But let it not be said "Travis did nothing" Because by God I tried and will until I suck in my last breath hopefully a long time from now. I hope one day we can live in a world without violent government's imposing their will via threat of putting people in cages for not complying with an involuntary system they were born into.

Disclaimer. I dont care what errors you might find. I write outside the rules of grammar and could care less what small details I violated. These are my thoughts written as is.

End the Fed, Death to the New World Order, Wake Up.

Matthew 21:12-13

12 Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves. 13 “It is written,” he said to them, “‘My house will be called a house of prayer,’[a] but you are making it ‘a den of robbers.’[b]

Travis 4/30/13