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Rand Paul Interview With Wolf Blitzer, Slams Newt & Trump 12/09/11

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Domestic "Extremist" Is New Buzz Word For American Police State

By Travinyle1

As those with a brain have known for quite sometime the anti terrorism grid in the United States allegedly setup for "Muslim Extremist's" (who also happened to love strip clubs and alcohol) has really been designed for the American people for the purpose of control as the economy is crashed. This has been well documented by the MIAC report and general common sense that there isn't a "Muslim Extremist" hiding behind every rock ready to kill you and your family. Or in recent news an Iranian "extremist".

It is important to note several recent articles pointing clearly to the new phase of this. The system is now being turned inward on our own citizens who may not like losing their most basic rights or speak out against the government for any of their crimes or violations of the Constitution.

One key point in this phase is the use of the word "extremist" rather than "terrorist". A terrorist is someone who is clearly violent or has been violent in the past through the use of explosives or killings. The reason this term is not being used on citizens is because there are not really any true "terrorists" here on our own soil as our government would have you believe. So "extremist" is the new designation. Not to mention what could be considered "terrorism" in the US is routinely referred to as "revolution" or "rebels" in the middle east. This could cover many more people who are simply naturally upset and outspoken about what is happening in this country. It is a grey area of modern pre-crime. Well this person is not happy with the government he or she owns guns, openly speaks out against the government so they are an "extremist" even if the person promotes non violence and peace. The key is they "could" be capable of domestic terrorism.

Here are some examples recently in the media of this term in action and the overall agenda as this system is turned more inward on the American people. These stories all tie together

A National Defense Act or how to undermine the US Constitution?

The United States Senate has just passed a resolution that as currently drafted, gives authority to the US military to indefinitely detain persons, even American citizens arrested on American soil or overseas without charge or trial. In other words, the federal government has the ability to openly detain American citizens, here or overseas, for their entire lives without so much as a single charge -denying US citizens their Article III rights to a jury trial. All it needs to do is declare you a terrorist- no proof needed and due process observed. 

White House unveils new strategy to combat homegrown terror

The White House unveiled a strategy Thursday aimed at battling homegrown terrorism that emphasizes better coordination with local authorities.
"Just as we engage and raise awareness to prevent gang violence, sexual offenses, school shootings and other acts of violence, so, too, must we ensure that our communities are empowered to recognize threats of violent extremism and understand the range of government and non-government resources that can help keep their families, friends and neighbors safe," the report says.
The US Army Now Offers A Prison Guard Specialty Securing '
Civilian Detainees'
 Every soldier that enlists in the Army chooses a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Designated by a number and a letter, the 31E MOS now includes advanced responsibilities including command and control of prisoner of war and civilian internee camps.

Battlefield US: Pentagon arms police departments with free heavy weaponry

The military-grade pepper-spray that’s been all the rage with law enforcement agencies is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to an advanced arsenal of weaponry made available to police departments across the country.
It has become clear now that local PDs are stockpiling some seriously dangerous doodads free of cost as part of a little-known program from the Pentagon. You can thank Uncle Sam, the Department of Defense and your own American tax dollars for the 1033 Program, an initiative that is giving hundreds of millions of bucks’ worth of military hardware from the DoD and putting it in the hands of your favorite neighborhood cop.
Police in City see occupiers as 'terror' risk

You Know Your Broke When....

By Travinyle1

--when your company has a Christmas party but since its when your not on the clock, you cant afford the gas to drive to your job to eat a meal.
(we have our party at 3:30 today at work, I dont have the money to use on gas to drive up there and back net loss)

--breakfast is grits and toast, lunch is tuna and crackers, dinner is soup

--someone asks you for your cell and you say well I have a skype number

--you dont have to talk to bill collectors because they cant call you

--your idea of treating yourself to a drink involves scanning the 24 oz aisle with a $1.19 Icehouse and going to far is buying 2

--rotating water between sierra mist for drinks at home

--Foldgers Instant Coffee replaces Monster drinks

--your wife's friend leaving 2 Bud Lights in the fridge is a lottery win

--your wearing pink sony headphones that are your daughters because your last pair broke and you dont have $10 for some new ones.

--finding out your only one month behind on a bill rather than 2 is cause for celebration

--refreshing your online unemployment portal status 9-10 times per day

-- your cleaning with vinegar

--counting down the days until you go BACK to work from a temporary layoff

--your TV consists of streaming online video sites

--paying for gas in dimes

--paying for gas twice in one day in dimes

--sitting on your porch is a field trip

--someone offering a free meal is = to free concert tickets

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