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Why Do Americans Support Al-Qaeda Terrorism?

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Just a question.

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Face The Facts W/ Host Kerry Corn 02/12 by RadioNsearch | Blog Talk Radio

Face The Facts W/ Host Kerry Corn 02/12 by RadioNsearch | Blog Talk Radio

Kerry "The Conspiracy Theorist" Corn brings his passion, wit and intellect full bore into the info war.

From his anti-globalist libertarian perspective he'll carve up the news of the day, News, Current Events, History, plus you'll never know when someone's dropping by.

Face The Facts is proud to present Politcal Satirist and Attorney Sebastian Gibson. Sebastian is the author of Nitt Witt Hill and is very popular on twitter with his particular ability to nail the political establishment with his brand of witty one liners. We'll be talking with Sebastian about his book, motivations and who knows what else will come up!

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CNN Syria Propaganda, Even Admits Al-Qaeda Support Terrorism

by Travinyle1

CNN the main network for pushing new invasions and wars ran a story on their front page today claiming the Syrian government was now using human shields. However if you read the article. There are two fairly telling admissions

#1"CNN cannot independently confirm details of the fighting in Syria because the government has severely limited the access of international journalists."

#2"Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri weighed in on the conflict as well, in a new video posted online Saturday, calling al-Assad "the butcher son of a butcher" and praising the Syrian people for waging "jihad.""

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