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Ron Paul Revolution 9PM EST Face The Facts Live Radio | Ron Paul 2012 | Peace . Gold . Liberty

Ron Paul Revolution 9PM EST Face The Facts Live Radio | Ron Paul 2012 | Peace . Gold . Liberty

9/11 South Tower Demolition - NYPD Helicopter Flyaway (New)

FOX News is Falsely Reporting that South Carolina is a Closed Primary State

South Carolina has open primary voting.

Billy Corgan - 2011 Interview with Matt Pinfield on the Gish and Siamese...

What's 9/11? Afghans never heard of NYC terror

What's 9/11? Afghans never heard of NYC terror

One Man's Tale: Why I HATE Religion, But LOVE Jesus!

Woman put in jail for being poor in South Carolina

Mt. Pleasant SC Woman jailedl for 10 days because she's too poor to pay fine
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The recession ruined Linda Ruggles’ business and she has been selling plasma twice a week since to make ends meet. The blood bank couldn’t bail her out from behind bars though, which is where she ended up after she couldn’t pay a $480 fine.
That fine, say cops in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, came about because Linda Ruggles had a messy yard.
Barely getting by in recent years, Ruggles, 53, has been stockpiling scraps to pawn off in order to make her bill payments. In her yard rests a pile of metal that she routinely cashes in to get by. Elsewhere outside her house is a shack of shingles. Paying to have her roof fixed, often a job that comes at a cost of several thousand dollars, has been out of the question.
So when cops ticketed her $480 for having a messy yard, Ruggles wasn’t exactly prepared to pay it.
“I told everyone, ‘If I had $480 to pay the fine, I'd fix the roof,’"' she told Charleston, South Carolina ‘s Post and Courier.
Ruggles couldn’t fix the roof, however, and she couldn’t pay the fine either. For being unable to do so, she was sentenced to serve 10 days in jail for failing to pay her “clean lot violation.”
“I feel like they want to make an example out of me,” Ms Ruggles tells the paper. “This should be an embarrassment for the town of Mount Pleasant. And it should be an embarrassment for my neighbors who called the code enforcement officer, because no one offered to help me – no one.”
Six days into her sentence, however, Ruggles was allowed home only to be greeted by an array of local residents who read about her plight and offered to help. That assistance came only after nearly a week in jail and legal complications which are surely only going to add onto the troubles (and scrap metal) which has already piled up.
“It didn’t change the situation,” she adds. “I just don’t think being handcuffed, photographed and fingerprinted is really a behavior-modification tool to keep me from being poor.”
On the bright side, the neighborhood grocery store that Ruggles works part-time at has allowed her to reclaim her position after her brief stint behind bars. On the bright side, that is, as long as she can forget about her last shift behind the register. It was on the job last month when the cops entered her place of business and hauled her off to jail.

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Newt Missing In South Carolina

Columbia, S.C. (AP) --
Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was greeted with a standing ovation when he was announced at a barbecue.
Too bad the former House speaker wasn't around to see it.
He was inexplicably missing, and his absence forced the event's moderator to ask awkwardly, "Can we check and see where the speaker is?"
It was just one in a string of clumsy, head-scratching events staged by the Gingrich campaign since the Republican primary moved to South Carolina, a state that the candidate says he must win if he wants a shot at the nomination.
The chain of slip-ups raises questions about the campaign's staffing and organizational skills, issues that have haunted Gingrich during the 2012 race.
Gingrich's campaign manager and other senior advisers resigned en masse in June after disagreeing with the candidate about the direction of the campaign. In a bureaucratic blunder, the campaign failed to meet the requirements to get Gingrich on the ballot in Virginia, where Gingrich lives.
If Gingrich's campaign survives next Saturday's South Carolina contest, the organizational challenges will only grow.
Florida, the next state on the primary calendar, is a complex, expensive and often unwieldy battleground. That vote is Jan. 31.
In at least one instance in South Carolina, Gingrich's campaign missteps have given his opponents a chance to take advantage.
With Gingrich running late to Friday's barbecue in Duncan, the only other candidate at the event stepped up and stepped in.
Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum worked the room with his wife, Karen, scoring valuable one-on-one time with the conservative and evangelical voters that both he and Gingrich are courting.
Gingrich also was running late to two events Thursday in Columbia, where he was being introduced by a former ally in the U.S. House, ex-Oklahoma Rep. J.C. Watts. Both times, Watts had to stall. At one point, Watts told the crowd that he only had three minutes of material prepared, but was going to need to talk far longer.
"I think I see the speaker's bus!" he finally exclaimed, a hint of relief in his voice.

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Lindsey Graham Endorses Mitt Romney On Meet The Press

Lindsey Graham on Meet The Press today said "The most important thing is beating Obama and Romney gives us the best chance to do that"

He also said "I dont even know who I am going to vote for" but made it very clear that is who he is supporting and encouraged South Carolina tea party people to support.

Graham openly said the tea party should vote for a liberal like Romney despite having none of the tea party's ideals.


The end of Comitatus.

Ron Paul Supporters in South Carolina: We Do What We Feel Is Right in Ou...