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African Americans rally against Obama

PressTV - African Americans rally against Obama
African Americans have staged a rally in Washington to protest against socioeconomic disparities in the US and failures to provide jobs to the black communities.

Members of the New Black Panther Party and the Black is Back coalition converged in a neighborhood in DC's Southeast quadrant for a National Day of Action, demanding attention to inequalities in education, housing and healthcare, a Press TV correspondent reported on Monday.

Protesters were particularly outraged by US President Barack Obama's failure to address the black communities' problems as figures show black unemployment hovers at staggering 16 percent nationwide.

"I'm very angry and disappointed because we supported him because he promised us change but he's just the same," an angry protester told Press TV.

According to the latest US Labor Department figures, overall jobless rates across the country fell to a better-than-expected 8.8 percent in March, but the unemployment rate also for black teenagers stood at 50 percent -- more than double the national average.

Blacks were among the first to lose jobs when the US recession began and now they are the populations having the hardest time bouncing back despite the 216,000 jobs added nationwide last month.

The Truth Will Get You Jail or Crucified

Easter Sunday in Police State Amerika

WikiLeaks discloses new details on whereabouts of al-Qaeda leaders on 9/11

WikiLeaks discloses new details on whereabouts of al-Qaeda leaders on 9/11 - The Washington Post

On Sept. 11, 2001, the core of al-Qaeda was concentrated in a single city: Karachi, Pakistan.

At a hospital, the accused mastermind of the bombing of the USS Cole was recovering from a tonsillectomy. Nearby, the alleged organizer of the 2002 bombing in Bali, Indonesia, was buying lab equipment for a biological weapons program. And in a safe house, the man who would later describe himself as the intellectual author of the Sept. 11 attacks was with other key al-Qaeda members watching the scenes from New York and Washington unfold on television.

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Within a day, much of the al-Qaeda leadership was on the way back to Afghanistan, planning for a long war.

A cache of classified military documents obtained by the anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks presents new details of their whereabouts on Sept. 11, 2001, and their movements afterward. The documents also offer some tantalizing glimpses into the whereabouts and operations of Osama bin Laden and his Egyptian deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

The documents, provided to European and U.S. news outlets, including The Washington Post, are intelligence assessments of nearly every one of the 779 individuals who have been held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, since 2002. In them, analysts have created detailed portraits of detainees based on raw intelligence, including material gleaned from interrogations.

Detainees are assessed “high,” “medium” or “low” in terms of their intelligence value, the threat they pose while in detention and the continued threat they might pose to the United States if released.

The documents tend to take a bleak view of the detainees, even those who have been ordered released by the federal courts because of a lack of evidence to justify their continued detention. And the assessments are often based, in part, on reporting by informants at the military detention center, sources that some judges have found wanting.

In a statement, the Pentagon, which described the decision to publish some of the material as “unfortunate,” stressed the incomplete and snapshot nature of the assessments, known as Detainee Assessment Briefs, or DABs.

“The Guantanamo Review Task Force, established in January 2009, considered the DABs during its review of detainee information,” said Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell and Ambassador Daniel Fried, the Obama administration’s special envoy on detainee issues. “In some cases, the Task Force came to the same conclusions as the DABs. In other instances the Review Task Force came to different conclusions, based on updated or other available information. Any given DAB illegally obtained and released by Wikileaks may or may not represent the current view of a given detainee.”

Regardless of how detainees are currently assessed, many of the documents shed light on their histories, particularly those of the 14 high-value detainees whose assessments were made available. When pieced together, they capture some of the drama of al-Qaeda’s scattering in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks. They also point to tensions between certain members of the terrorist group.

Obama Shill Kumar Confronted By Bob Tuskin On 9/11 Truth, Chemtrails, An...

Bob Tuskin Confronts Senator Bob Graham About 9/11 False Flag And Chemtr...

Ron Paul Educates McCain

Ron Paul to Announce 2012 Bid

John McCain: For Tyranny Before He Was Against It

The American Spectator : AmSpecBlog : John McCain: For Tyranny Before He Was Against It

Sen. John McCain is off in Libya striking a heroic pose promoting another unnecessary war for America. Reports ABC:

U.S. Sen. John McCain, one of the strongest proponents in Congress of the American military intervention in Libya, said Friday that Libyan rebels fighting Moammar Gadhafi's troops are his heroes.

The top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee made the remark after arriving in Benghazi, a city that has been the opposition capital in the rebel-held eastern Libya.

McCain said he was in Benghazi "to get an on the ground assessment of the situation" and planned to meet with the rebel National Transition Council, the de-facto government in the eastern half of the country, and members of the rebel military.

It is worth remembering that Sen. McCain was for Qaddafi before he was against the dictator. Nearly two years ago Sen. McCain, along with Senators Graham and Lieberman, was supping with Qaddafi in Tripoli, discussing the possibility of Washington providing military aid. That is, assistance for the military now fighting the heroic freedom fighters being visited by Sen. McCain. Andrew McCarthy reports on the ludicrous episode, revealed by WikiLeaks:

On and on it goes, made all the more nauseating by the reality that nobody was under any illusion that Qaddafi had truly reformed. McCain made a point of telling the press that "the status of human rights and political reform in Libya will remain a chief element of concern." Note the gentle diplomatic understatement: Qaddafi is - and was, as McCain well knew - a savage autocrat. Yet this brute fact was softened into "an element of concern" regarding "the status of human rights and political reform."

But that was then. Now Sen. McCain is outraged by the tyrant's misbehavior.

Sen. McCain was physically courageous in Vietnam. But, unfortunately, his geopolitical judgment--like wanting Americans to confront nuclear-armed Russia over the country of Georgia, in a war actually started by Georgia--has never been as impressive. His determination to get America more deeply involved in its third conflict in Middle East in a decade demonstrates an impulsive recklessness that would not have served Americans well in the presidency.

Graham: Bomb Gadhafi's inner circle, end stalemate (video)

Graham: Bomb Gadhafi's inner circle, end stalemate - Yahoo! News

WASHINGTON – A Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee sees a Libyan stalemate and wants NATO to bomb Moammar Gadhafi's inner circle and military headquarters.
South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham says those closest to Gadhafi "need to wake up every day wondering, `Will this my last?'"
Graham tells CNN's "State of the Union" that the quickest way to end the stalemate is "to cut the head of the snake off."
The U.N. Security Council authorized military action to protect Libyan civilians and to impose a no-fly zone. But Graham tells CNN's "State of the Union" that "it's going to be hard" for the U.S. to achieve its national security interests if Gadhafi remains.
Two missiles apparently fired by NATO warplanes struck near Gadhafi's compound in Tripoli early Saturday.
The committee's top Republican, Arizona Sen. John McCain, says the U.S. must increase air support for the rebels fighting Gadhafi. He says sufficient air power "could bring Gadhafi to his knees."
McCain, speaking from Cairo, tells NBC's "Meet the Press" that the U.S. should recognize opposition forces as "the legitimate voice" of the Libyan people.

Japan Nuclear Radiation Rainwater Update – Idaho Iodine Levels 14,066% Above EPA Limit :

Japan Nuclear Radiation Rainwater Update – Idaho Iodine Levels 14,066% Above EPA Limit :

The Intel Hub
By Alexander HigginsContributing Writer
April 23rd, 2011

As previously posted, Lucas Hixton Whitefield tipped us off to the fact that the EPA has been detecting Plutonium and Strontium along the entire US West Coast since March 18th.

The discovery came after Lucas found that the advanced custom EPA Radnet data search contained several radioactive isotopes that the EPA was presenting to the public as the all inclusive list of Radiation being detected.

Using the advanced search I pulled all of the rainwater tests which are listed below showing dozens of cities with iodine radiation in the rainwater across the entire US with levels far above the EPA drinking water limit.

42011/11/04KANSAS CITYKS2026733.33%
52011/05/04SALT LAKE CITYUT1916366.67%

Palestinian police open fire on pilgrims visiting Joseph's Tomb

American Thinker: Palestinian police open fire on pilgrims visiting Joseph's Tomb
reports that the police officers were screaming "Allahu Akbar!" as they deliberately fired into the vehicles of pilgrims:

William & Kate wedding: Most Americans won't tune in

William & Kate wedding: Most Americans won't tune in -

Most Americans aren't enthralled by the royal wedding. Rather than get up at 4 a.m. to watch, they're more likely to be interested in what Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert have to say.

Prince William and Kate Middleton arrive at Witton Country Park, Darwen, England, April 11. The full list of confirmed guests attending the royal wedding was released Saturday. Soccer star David Beckham and his wife Victoria were among the most recognizable names. Royal family members from countries including Bahrain, Denmark, Spain, and Morocco will also attend.

Tim Hales/AP

Rubin, O’Neill Say Debt Ceiling Should Be Separate From Budget

Rubin, O’Neill Say Debt Ceiling Should Be Separate From Budget - Businessweek

April 24 (Bloomberg) -- Raising the U.S. national debt ceiling shouldn’t be an issue in negotiations over the federal government budget, two former Treasury secretaries said.

Robert Rubin, Treasury secretary under Democratic President Bill Clinton, and Paul O’Neill, who held the post under Republican President George W. Bush, spoke in an interview on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” scheduled to air today.

“The debt ceiling should never be part of the budget negotiations,” Rubin said, according to a program transcript. Asked if he agreed, O’Neill replied, “Absolutely.

Bob Chapman explains the explosion in Silver prices

Bob Chapman explains the explosion in Silver prices | Gold and Silver Blog
Bob Chapman explains the explosion in Silver prices

Get into gold and silver says Bob Chapman , he himself just bought some yesterday it is not late and at this prices gold and silver are still very very cheap , JPM and HSBc are gonna have a decision at $50 an ounce silver either partial default or total default or a bailout from the Federal Reserve. Gold is going to break out here and is going to go to $1600 , $1650 , silver is another situation , the unusual situation is that JP Morgan Chase and HSBC are short 45 to 1 , that means for every contract they have in silver they sold 45 and there is thousands of them , they're naked short they can't get out they can't buy back into silver which keeps on going up , 3 things can happen here , they either can tell their clients we do not have silver and we are going to pay you 25 cents on the dollar or they can default in complete in other words what is called a force majeure or the federal reserve can step in and cover their losses 46 dollars a share their losses are about 90 billion dollars
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Washington DC Parasite Calls Commoncent$ Radio

Lindsey Graham on CNN 4/24/11 "Bomb Gadaffi, Cut The Head Off"

Royal wedding invitation to crown prince of Bahrain draws criticism

Royal wedding invitation to crown prince of Bahrain draws criticism | UK news | The Observer
Royal guest list
Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa, with Prince Charles in 2004. Campaigners want the Bahrain crown prince's royal wedding invitation revoked. Photograph: PA

There will be at least one royal presence at Friday's wedding that is likely to raise eyebrows. Among the 46 foreign royals seated in the south lantern, just behind the British monarchy, will be Bahrain's crown prince, Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa, an invitation that could prove awkward in light of his government's brutal treatment of mainly Shia pro-democracy protesters.

You are not a Prince and I am not your Subject

Alan Watt: Shock And Awe - The Manipulation Of The Human Psyche (Full Ve...


Miami Dolphin stabbed by wife in domestic dispute leaves hospital

Miami Dolphin stabbed by wife in domestic dispute leaves hospital -

She didn't just squish her fish -- she nearly gutted him, said cops.

Miami Dolphins bad boy Brandon Marshall left a Fort Lauderdale hospital yesterday less than 24 hours after his wife allegedly thrust a kitchen knife into his stom ach at the couple's $4 million estate.

Meanwhile yesterday, his alleged butcher bride, Michi Nogami-Marshall, 26, was bailed out of the slammer on $7,500 bond. She'd been locked up since the attack at 7:40 p.m. Friday.

Marshall, 27, who has a history of domestic spats, underwent emergency surgery for the knife wound, according to reports. His pub licist said he would fully recover.

OLD DAYS:  Brandon Marshall and alleged knife-wife Michi Nogami-Marshall last year.
OLD DAYS: Brandon Marshall and alleged knife-wife Michi Nogami-Marshall last year.

The NFL star receiver and his wife said little about what prompted Nogami-Mar shall to lance him with the knife in their six- bedroom mansion in the town of Southwest Ranches, said Broward County police.

Marshall, whom the Dolphins signed to a five-year, $47 million contract, claimed a shard of glass from a shattering vase slit his stomach. But cops didn't believe it.

"The area where the vase was broken indi cated no blood within the immediate area to substantiate his claim," said a police report.

Nogami-Marshall quickly copped to stabbing her husband -- but insisted she was playing defense, the police report said.

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Abe Lincoln’s Legacy: Leviathan’s Bondage of All Americans

Abe Lincoln’s Legacy: Leviathan’s Bondage of All Americans by Scott Lazarowitz

With the 150th year of the start of the American "Civil War," it is necessary to point out that, not only was it not a war to "free the slaves," but a war to force seceding states back into a union involuntarily, and a war to strengthen the federal government’s economic control over the people.

For whatever reasons the Southern States had to secede from the "Union," they had an inalienable right to secede. All people have a God-given right to associate or not associate with others, voluntarily. If the people of a particular territory want to separate from a federal union of states, they have every right to separate, just as the Founding Fathers had a right to separate from British rule.

No institution or authority has the right to compel any individual or group into association or contract involuntarily. To believe that the federal government had any moral right to force the people of the seceding states to return to federal association involuntarily is to believe that some people with armed power have a right to claim ownership and control of other people, pure and simple.

The argument that the association of states within the federal union is based on some sort of contract – the U.S. Constitution – is misleading, because the people living in 1861 who had been compelled to abide by the contract did not actually participate in the forming of terms and the signing of the contract. People of later generations are not in any way bound to the terms of any contract agreed to by previous generations. 19th Century individualist and entrepreneur Lysander Spooner explains that further inNo Treason: The Constitution of No Authority.

To bind future generations to a contract to which they themselves did not agree or sign is itself a form of enslavement, just as the politicians in Washington currently continue to enslave future generations with debt.

What Lincoln’s war to compel people into association involuntarily did was literally to reverse the American Revolution. In the Revolution, people fought to free themselves from the tyranny and enslavements of King George III and his British dictatorial regime. The Revolutionaries fought for their independence.

In contrast, Lincoln’s war effected in compelling the people of the Southern States back into centralized control over them by federal bureaucrats, and further empowered the centralized authority in Washington. Lincoln’s war had nothing to do with "freeing slaves."

Economically, two important moves by Abe Lincoln to further strengthen the federal government’s control over the American people were the National Banking Acts andlegal tender laws. The National Banking Acts gave Wall Street – in collusion with the federal government – the power to coordinate inflation (despite the then-nonexistence of a federal central bank). And legal tender laws force Americans to use only government-issued currency as their sole medium of exchange. These two restrictions on Americans’ right to voluntary exchange and voluntary contracts – including the right to provide free competitive banking to consumers and the right of the people to control and use private property as they see fit – were at the heart of Americans’ monetary bondage and government-imposed schemes of redistribution-of-wealth from lower classes to the wealthy from which we continue to suffer.

Lincoln’s Bank Acts and legal tender laws were the precursors to the Federal Reserve and its valueless paper "notes" that Americans are compelled by law to use for exchange. The Fed’s money printing benefits the earlier receivers, the financial and banking elites, and causes the later receivers of the "notes," lower- and middle-class Americans, to deal with the higher food, clothing and energy prices caused by the Fed’s inflationary policies. This government-mandated scheme literally enslaves those on fixed incomes and of the lower economic classes – through their extra labor – to serve the increasingly rich, politically-connected corporatists.

And during Lincoln’s presidency was the first time the U.S. government imposed a federal personal income tax, including on "any professional trade, employment, or vocation." That income tax was repealed but the income tax returned with a vengeance in 1913.

It was so important to the federal government bureaucrats to permanently institutionalize the compulsory labor amongst the citizenry to serve the federal government, that the Washington politicians had their income tax become a part of the U.S. Constitution!

Many people scoff at the criticism of the income tax as a form of "involuntary servitude." But that would have to be because they just haven’t given it much thought, or it’s because they work for the government.

First, part of the income tax is a seizure of some of the earnings of one’s labor. That is the government’s demand that one does a certain amount of labor to serve the government. Second, income tax on investment dividends or capital gains on property sales is a way of government bureaucrats to confiscate a portion of property rightfully belonging to the individual receiving a profit or earning on investment. It is the way for government bureaucrats to steal others’ wealth or property, in the same illicit manner that the Federal Reserve’s inflation allows the government-banking cartel elites to steal from the lower classes.

Compulsory Federal Reserve "notes," legal tender laws, the income tax, forcing Americans to do extra labor to serve the government – all these policies reinforce the government’s ownership of the individual. One’s labor is primarily owned by the government now, one’s employment associations and contracts are all under scrutiny and supervision by the government.

There are no more voluntary relationships in America. The individual does not own one’s private contract with an employer or employee – the government does. And the individual does not own one’s association or contract with one’s doctor or patient – the government owns the doctor-patient relationship, especially cemented by the dictatorial ObamaCare.

And these perversions of society have permeated all levels of society now, in the collective’s ownership of the individual, and in the individual’s serfdom under federal, state and local governmental regimes.

A most recent example of how government employees subjugate their non-government neighbors was in Wisconsin. The teachers’ unions have been actively protesting to strengthen their power to expropriate more of Wisconsin taxpayers’ earnings to fund the teachers’ overly extravagant benefits and pensions – enrichments that their counterparts in the private sector could never possibly get in the actual free marketplace.

And anti-competition protectionist legislation and regulations also shackle potential start-ups and make business extremely difficult for existing small business owners, to protect the profits of established firms, and to protect Big Business.

In New York City, for example, if an individual has a car and wants to provide a taxi service, he must now pay an average price of $607,000. On a fundamental level, if the individual really owned his life and his car, he would have a right to put the sign, "TAXI," on the car and drive in the city and offer people a ride for a fee, and it’s no one else’s business. But the city’s real interest is in protecting established cab companies, by locking out those in need of a job, particularly among the lower-class, from that potential opportunity to provide for themselves. This kind of protectionism has especially affected inner-city minorities.

Minimum wage laws are also an egregious example of how the government prevents people, especially teenagers and especially minority teens, from even having a job in the first place. Employers who can’t afford to pay a worker the government-mandated minimum wage simply eliminate those jobs. As Future of Freedom Foundation President Jacob Hornberger pointed out,

Which is better: working at $1 an hour and learning a trade and a work ethic and watching how a business is run or being prohibited from working at all?

But there is another important factor involved here. Not only does the minimum wage lock poor, inner-city black teenagers out of the labor market as employees, it also prevents them from opening up businesses to compete against the already-established, well-to-do businesses run by white people and others.

In other words, the minimum wage serves as a government-granted privilege to already established businesses, protecting them from competition, including from poor, inner-city black teenagers.

"Liberal" policies such as minimum wage are literally shackling Americans and preventing them from prospering. And now, college students are "debt serfs."

The "Civil War’s" reverse Revolution institutionalized the government’s enslavement of not just black Americans, but all Americans. We are all serfs of the State.

There are many other examples daily of Lincoln’s legacy in government’s directly treating the people like slaves and prisoners. With the TSA, if an individual does not want to go through the airport X-ray scanner – out of a legitimate concern that such radiation exposure increases one’s risk for cancer – or if an individual does not want his child to be sexually molested by degenerates, and if the individual wants to instead leave the premises, he is apprehended, detained and questioned by TSA agents or police.

The pervasive mentality that the government owns the individual and one’s property was immensely strengthened by President Lincoln’s unwillingness to let people be free, in his war against seceding states in general, and from his institutionalized economic enslavements.

Unfortunately, the average American does not seem to grasp the idea and importance – the inalienable right – of nullification: the right of the people to nullify intrusive laws that violate one’s person or property.

As Leviathan continues to enslave us, with the thefts of taxation and Federal Reserve, the dictatorial commands of regulations and the wars on drugs and terrorism that continue to crush our civil liberties and right to due process, we must begin to withdraw our consent to each and every law, regulation, tax and policy that violates our persons and property and our livelihoods.

President Abraham Lincoln’s war against seceding states was to put the states in further bondage of the federal regime’s total authority, as well as constrain all individuals to the collective’s will and to the State.

The Founders had a Revolution for their independence and freedom. Lincoln reversed that Revolution, and is time to reverse Lincoln’s Revolution-reversal, through peaceful, voluntary, non-violent non-compliance, secession and nullification.

April 23, 2011

Scott Lazarowitz [send him mail] is a commentator and cartoonist at

St. Louis Airport Tornado

St. Louis Tornado Grounds Atlanta Travelers

St. Louis Tornado Grounds Atlanta Travelers


ATLANTA - Passengers flying from Atlanta's Hartfield Jackson International Airport to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport will have to check with their airlines to see if their flights are canceled. This after a powerful EF-3 tornado ripped through the airport Friday night.

Surveillance video released Saturday show people scrambling for cover as glass and debris flew into the terminal. The tornado not only damaged terminals, planes and cars, but also knocked power out for a good portion of Saturday. The airport's website said they were able to bring in nine flights on Saturday and might be ready for some departing flights on Sunday.

Travelers are feeling the pain of no being able to fly into the city here in Atlanta. Delta canceled 14 flights while Airtran had to scrap 11 on Saturday. Both airlines told FOX 5 News their airplanes did not receive any damage

Travinyle1 on Al Jazeera Listening Post "Bahrain Below The Radar"

"The President Who Became an Actor": And This Year’s Oscar Goes To… Barack Obama

"The President Who Became an Actor": And This Year’s Oscar Goes To… Barack Obama
by Finian Cunningham

If Ronald Reagan was known as the actor who became a president, then perhaps Barack Obama should become known as the president who became an actor.

For every facial movement evinced, every gesture of the hand, every word enunciated by the 44th president turns out to be a complete charade.

This is the guy who ran for the presidency presenting himself before the US nation, hand on heart, as the candidate who would end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; end the killing of civilians in those countries; and the brutalizing of young American men. Two years on, Obama has donned the costume of US commander-in-chief with ever-frightening zeal. Far from ending the wars, Obama has not only ramped up America’s foreign wars of aggression, he has expanded them into new territories, including Pakistan, Libya and East Africa, adding countless more innocent lives to Washington’s global death toll.

This is the guy who promised to close the American gulag of Guantanamo Bay where hundreds of men have been rendered by kidnapping from various parts of the world, tortured and held without trial, not one of them convicted. Two years on, promise broken. US rendition and torture is still standard practice, a fact to which American soldier Bradley Manning can testify simply because he showed the moral courage to tell the truth about such US crimes against humanity.

This is the guy who promised with unctuous sincerity to make a new beginning in US foreign policy, to respect universal human rights. “Universal human rights begin in the lives of each and every individual,” he intoned with his by-now clich├ęd solemn voice and face. Two years on, US foreign policy has even less regard for human rights both abroad and at home. In Gaza, the world’s largest outdoor concentration camp besieged by the US-fuelled Israeli war machine, Obama’s rhetoric on respecting the rights of human beings stands as a grotesque mockery. Elsewhere in the Muslim world, this guy is seen as the genial peacemaker who let his mask slip to reveal an ugly warmongering face like all his other predecessors.

This is the guy who pretends to offer the best deal to the US public over the budget deficit by gallantly fending off Republican axemen. “I won’t slash you by $6 trillion, I’ll only slash you by $4 trilllion,” to paraphrase his fake logic. As if this is a benign alternative that the American people just can’t refuse. So the guy who once upon a time supposedly broke his heart over Chicago’s inner-city poor will now unleash massive austerity on many more of America’s poor and ground-down working class, by slashing $4 trillion worth of Medicaid and Medicare, public education, social welfare and jobs. Nowhere does our supposed chivalrous and cerebral hero Obama appear to be able or willing to think outside the box in which the corporate aristocracy has entombed their political vampires on Capitol Hill. How about ending the trillion-dollar wars he was supposed to end? Or re-appropriating the trillions of dollars that he lavished on the banksters? Or reversing tax breaks for the already obscenely wealthy. These alternatives would make a lot more economic sense, justice and peace than Obama’s attack on the very people who voted him in to make a change.

Above all, this is the guy who has shown that he can lie with a pious face, smile sweetly when he refers to murdering innocent people with aerial drones, and can almost bring a tear to the eye when he talks about “not being able to ignore humanitarian values in Libya” [while then proceeding to oversee the bombing of civilians in that country and in the same breath not giving a pause to murder of civilians by a US ally in Bahrain].

So at the next Oscar ceremony, a special category should be opened for Barack Obama, the acting president of the USA. He can then hang that along with his Nobel peace prize – which, come to think of it, could also be nominated for “funniest screenplay ever”.

Finian Cunningham is a journalist and musician. he is Global Research's Middle East Correspondent.

Revolutionary Politics » Blog Archive » Lord Christopher Monckton Interview — Global Warming Fraud And World Government

Revolutionary Politics » Blog Archive » Lord Christopher Monckton Interview — Global Warming Fraud And World Government

Dear AOL Members: AOL is Censoring YOUR Email

The BRAD BLOG : Dear AOL Members: AOL is Censoring YOUR Email

If you use an AOL email address, AOL is doing you the favor of making sure you do not receive email containing any links to in it.

Not email from a address, mind you, as if I were a spammer or something (which, obviously, I'm not), but any email fromanybody that has a link to this site, or to one of our news stories.

I learned this swell news early this week when someone was kind enough to let me know that their attempts at sending a link to this site to a friend bounced back to them with an error message. That error message was "HVU:B2". What is that error?: