Tuesday, April 19, 2011

British MPs win appeal on renditions

PressTV - British MPs win appeal on renditions
The British Ministry of Defense (MoD) was forced on Monday to reveal information about its involvement in extraordinary renditions, according to a court ruling.

A number of Freedom of Information requests by the all-party parliamentary group on extraordinary renditions has originally been dismissed by the MoD on national security and cost concerns.

But, the Upper Tribunal Administrative Appeals Chamber has ordered the government to expose requested information to members of parliament (MPs).

The Appeals Chamber also ruled that it was wrong for the MoD to withhold information on the claimed grounds.

"This is another step towards establishing the full extent and limits of UK involvement in rendition”, said Group chairman Andrew Tyrie MP.

"For closure on rendition we need disclosure. One way or another, the truth will eventually come out. Unless the MoD decides to appeal, this judgement will add to the drip of information on rendition in recent years", added Andrew Tyrie.

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