Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Government shutdown would mean soldiers stop getting paid

Government shutdown would mean soldiers stop getting paid

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One consequence of a government shutdown -- which will occur on April 8 unless Congress passes a new funding bill -- is that members of the military will no longer be paid, even though they will continue to work. And as legislators and the Obama administration struggle to avoid a shutdown, officials are preparing contingency plans to keep key national security and foreign policy activities running when the money tap runs dry.

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  1. I cannot believe how asleep the American public is at this moment. A government shutdown is the opportunity the NWO players have most likely been waiting for. The opportunity to say; they will not allow our troops to go unpaid, leading the American people to think about our security and not wanting troop moral to lower, thus supporting NWO leaders. If it does not happen this time around, it is bound to happen in this manner sometime in the future. Danny C. -dc