Sunday, April 17, 2011

Major outbreak spawned 243 tornado reports in 3 days

Major outbreak spawned 243 tornado reports in 3 days - National Environmental News |

major severe weather outbreak across the southern plains, southeastern states, and mid-Atlantic states from last Thursday through Saturday spawned 243 reported tornadoes across the nation from Oklahoma to North Carolina.

On Thursday, 23 tornadoes were reported in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Alabama. Four people were killed on this day, two in Oklahoma and two in Arkansas.

By Friday, the storm system ramped up even further, with 113 tornado reports across Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. Ten people were injured near Clinton, Mississippi from an apparent EF-3 tornado with estimated winds of 140 mph. Another five people were injured near Tucker, Mississippi and four additional injuries in Possumneck, Mississippi. As the day continued, another injury was reported in Poplar City, Illinois as a home was damaged by a tornado. Later, law enforcement in Alabama confirmed the first fatality of the day in Linden, Alabama, with at least four additional people injured. A tornado in Pratville, Alabama took 3 more lives later that night with an additional four injuries.

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