Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment on the Debt Deal

Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment on the Debt Deal - By Greg Pollowitz - Media Blog - National Review Online

Stick around until the the last three minutes when Olbie calls for an uprising, hippie-style. To quote:

And the only response is to be organized and unified and hell-bent in return. We must find again the energy and the purpose of the 1960′s and early 1970′s and we must protest this deal and all the God damn deals to come, in the streets. We must arise, non-violently but insistently. General strikes, boycotts, protests, sit-ins, non-cooperation take-overs – but modern versions of that resistance, facilitated and amplified, by a weapon our predecessors did not have: the glory that is instantaneous communication.

And now a mini-Special Comment to Keith Olbermann:

Well, sir, who shall lead this rebellion you so eloquently demand? Where is your Princess Leia, sir, in a world of Jar-Jar Binkses? Berate Glenn Beck all you want, but he actually goes out and does something: organizing rallies, book events, etc. Even Jon Stewart worked up the energy to have a march on D.C. Yet, sir, nothing from you. To quote from your comments last night:

I cannot say to you, meet here or there at this hour or that one, and we will peacefully break the back of government that now exists merely to get its functionaries re-elected. But I can say that the time is coming when the window for us to restore the control of our government to ourselves will close, and we had damn well better act before then.

[Dramatic head turn to other camera] Sir, some advice. Get off the G**-damn couch, sir, stop blogging about baseball, and lead your movement! Be a Princess Leia, sir!

Good night, and good luck.

Here’s the vid. As always, “enjoy.”

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