Thursday, November 10, 2011

Economic Fearrorism



by LJC ThreeThousand (Jay)

To the average corporate-controlled news media followers the coming economic collapse may seem like a surprise. To those of us who actually follow what's going on in the world, this is not a new revelation. In fact many of us (yours truly included) have been warning of this impending crisis for a very long time. Not because we're smarter than the so-called experts and economists paraded out daily in the mainstream media,  but because we actually take the time to do the research required to form intelligent thoughts and opinions free from the influence of talking heads who get paid to under report the news or flat out deceive the masses.

Propaganda is frequently deployed in the media to help form the opinions and shape the thoughts of a dumbed-down populace in order to garner support for whatever the agenda is... or is to be. The "news" about the worldwide economic collapse is no different. In fact there is a form of propaganda being deployed now that has a proven track record of success... Fear. Just a brief look into our recent past and we see examples of how well fear works to further an agenda. 

-Back in the 1980's the fear of crack cocaine and other illicit drugs taking over middle America was used to launch "the war on drugs." With it came new government departments, offices, agencies, policies and policing powers. The "war on drugs" allowed for U.S. Military assets to be used in other countries to help stop (or increase? profit from?) the flow of narcotics into this country. The march toward a New World Order now had the desired crisis to deploy U.S troops and resources to other nations in order to fight a faceless enemy. After all, who could forget the coverage on the nightly news of drug induced crime sprees and pictures of crack-addicted babies? Only a cold-hearted, un-feeling individual could be against the "war on drugs" now.

-Also in the 1980's the fear of a sub-standard education system producing illiterate students who would not be able to compete in the emerging global marketplace provided the perfect opportunity for our government to become more involved in our children's education. Schools across the country would teach from a standardized core curriculum brought about by the influence of those in the Department of Education and others in D.C. The march toward a New World Order now had the perfect reason to be involved in the way students were educated (indoctrinated). Who in their right mind could possibly be opposed to more government influence in the classroom? After all, it was proclaimed in the media that the system is damaged and in need of repair.

-In the 1990's the fear of outsourcing and lost American jobs allowed for the passage of NAFTA and normalized trade relations with China. Ross Perot was mocked in the media when he correctly predicted that "the giant sucking sound" you'll hear would be jobs leaving the U.S. and heading south of the border due to the cheaper labor costs. The march toward a New World Order now had the "free trade" agreement needed to slowly erode our nation's economic security and sovereignty. Who could possibly be opposed to such international trade deals when the fear of lost jobs and lowered wages was reported nightly in the media? The feeling was that you were "un-American" if you didn't agree with such trade "deals." (Need I remind anyone that the vast overwhelming majority of us were wildly opposed to NAFTA and China's elevated status? Did our concerns or wishes matter to the politicians? Nope)

-Then in the early months of this new century, after the events of September 11, 2001, the fear of a faceless enemy attacking us on our soil  was the impetus for the "War On Terror." The media was all too willing to play it's part to ramp up the fear. The precedent that was set in the 1980's "war on drugs" to utilize U.S. military assets globally to fight an unseen enemy would once again be the sought-after solution. The march toward a New World Order now had it's standing military force. You were considered a terrorist sympathizer, a terrorist or worse yet, anti-American if you even hinted that you were against such military operations.

-In the late 2000's fear would once again rear it's ugly head when politicians were warned that if TARP and various stimulus plans and bailouts were not passed into law, that there would be an economic crisis that would cause widespread panic and a resulting economic meltdown. The march toward a New World Order now had a firm foothold in U.S. economic policy. We were told by the media that the bailouts and the stimulus plans were needed to stave-off the looming crisis. Fear played the greatest role in getting these "initiatives" passed even though there was a majority of us opposed.

This bring us to where we are now, November 2011 and the world's economy teeters on the brink of disaster. It has been a slow moving train chugging along the tracks toward a collapse and no one seems willing to apply the brakes or attempt to derail it. Why? As I have have stated numerous times on my radio shows, the next phase of the New World Order needs such an event to take place in order to finally tear down the existing institutions of national governance and sovereignty so that a new system of global integration can be implemented. The media, governments, so called experts, and economists are now forced to admit that the severe economic "downturn" has not gotten any better. In fact is has worsened. 

Greece is on the brink of collapse. Italy and Spain are not too far behind. Portugal has received "bailout" funds from the IMF. Ireland is on the brink of economic failure. France is undertaking further austerity measures or "belt tightening" to satisfy their creditors. Demonstrations and protests against other forms of austerity measures have already taken place in the UK and other locales.

I will not be so stupid as to suggest that a financial collapse couldn't happen here in the U.S. It is a very real possibility and it suits the needs of the globalists. Instead allow me to offer a different scenario... Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Portugal's (and maybe some others') debt load could very well be too heavy a burden for the Euro Zone to carry. It is already being discussed that maybe some or all of these countries' exit from the economic bloc might just be in the best interests of the union in order to save it. Make no mistake about it, there will be a Euro Zone economic meltdown. The implications of which are hard to predict, as is the global contagion. I think it is absolutely possible regardless of how severe the European collapse, that the fear of it happening here could very well be enough to scare the populace and reluctant politicians into accepting the total New World Order takeover. 

It has been opined many times that this country could be conquered without a single shot being fired. We just might be on the brink of that happening. If the corporate-controlled mainstream media plays it's part as well as it has in the past of ramping up the fear to promote an agenda, it's not too difficult to see such a scenario. Fear is a powerful motivating tactic, and those who wish to implement a one world order are far too familiar with it and adept at deploying it. They wouldn't hesitate to do so again if it is believed that it could produce the desired effect.

Turn off the mainstream media, seek alternatives. Regain the ability to form thoughts without the globalization-pimping controlled media telling you how to. Take some time to get educated on what is really going on in the world. When you do, it will be much easier to see the agenda playing out right before your eyes.

Yes friends, fear is a very powerful motivational tool, but so is knowledge. Get Involved. Get Informed. Get Prepared. Then spread the word. 

A New World Order is upon us. The only questions that remain: Are we going to allow fear to dictate our willingness to accept it? Or can we slow it down enough to try and stop it?

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