Monday, December 12, 2011

Brutal Stabbing Can't Stop Wal Mart From Making Money

By Travinyle1
You would think when a woman is brutally stabbed to death with blood everywhere inside of a store the store might think about closing. Not anymore, not in this America. This is another in the thousands of examples of how desensitized to reality that we all have become in this country. It seems America is now headed towards the level of apathy China has accomplished when recently a 2 year old girl was run over by a truck as dozens of people walked by for minutes without helping.

It is being reported no one helped the lady who was punched then stabbed to death inside a Wal-Mart as people looked on. Then to make matters worse they simply roped off the murder area and allowed the holiday consumerism to continue. This is another disgusting example of Wal Mart and the citizens who will refuse to boycott or make their voice heard about this.

Im sure closing would have cost Wal-Mart quite a bit of money. Well all know that is more important than doing the responsible moral thing.

Story below

Shopping Continues After Woman Is Killed In Walmart

After a woman was stabbed to death in a Walmart over the weekend, the store has experienced criticism from some for staying open following the fatal attack.
Deputies said they were called to the Walmart on White Horse Road in Berea at 1:21 p.m. about a physical altercation at the store.
Images: Walmart Stabbing
Witnesses told deputies a man and a woman got into a fight and that the man stabbed the woman and fled.
The woman, now identified as 38-year-old Lilia Blandin, was found with injuries and taken to the hospital where she died, according to the coroner.
The coroner said Blandin was an employee of Woodforest Bank inside the Walmart store, and was working at the time of the incident.
On Sunday, Master Deputy Jennings Autrey said the victim's husband, Avery Blandin, was under guard at Greenville Memorial Hospital and was charged with murder.
Autrey said Blandin drove away from the scene but wrecked his car at the corner of Agnew Road and Marion Road before being arrested Saturday afternoon.
Several customers were appalled that Walmart stayed open for business through the stabbing and the aftermath.
"I saw there was blood everywhere, on the ground, on the table, on the wall," said Brittany King, a shopper who arrived shortly after the stabbing. "It's disrespectful to the family that it happened to. Especially the people and the employees who saw it happen."
"From what I can see, they never really gave (the employees) that opportunity to recuperate," said Bob Quarles, who said he walked into the store just as the attack happened.
Master Deputy Jennings Autrey said the decision to stay open was up to the management at the store.
"The shoppers are not affecting the crime scene," Autrey said. "I just want to be clear on that, that it has been roped off and deputies are there protecting the integrity of the crime scene."
Walmart spokeswoman Dianna Gee told News 4," We did, as requested, close our grocery checkout area to allow the police to do their work and provide some level of privacy, given the circumstances."
"This was a senseless act of violence, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family during this difficult time," Gee said.
Gee said Walmart was assisting investigators with the investigation and that it turned over surveillance video from the store.

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