Tuesday, December 20, 2011

North Korea Sealed Its Border With China Before Announcing Kim’s Death

(CNSNews.com) – During the two days that passed between Kim Jong-il’s death and the official announcement, the North Korean regime reportedly took steps to prevent a chaotic response to the news, apparently fearing a mass exodus across the border with China.
Announcement of the death came on Monday, at noon local time, when a black-clad, tearful news announcer on state television said Kim had died on a train during a “field guidance tour” from a heart attack triggered by “great mental and physical strain.” The death had occurred, she said, at 8.30 AM on Saturday morning — 51-and-a-half hours earlier.
Daily NK, a South Korean-based news hub focusing on the North, reports that, according to a military source, North Korean border guard units received orders at 1 AM on Sunday morning to seal the border immediately.

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