Friday, December 9, 2011

You Know Your Broke When....

By Travinyle1

--when your company has a Christmas party but since its when your not on the clock, you cant afford the gas to drive to your job to eat a meal.
(we have our party at 3:30 today at work, I dont have the money to use on gas to drive up there and back net loss)

--breakfast is grits and toast, lunch is tuna and crackers, dinner is soup

--someone asks you for your cell and you say well I have a skype number

--you dont have to talk to bill collectors because they cant call you

--your idea of treating yourself to a drink involves scanning the 24 oz aisle with a $1.19 Icehouse and going to far is buying 2

--rotating water between sierra mist for drinks at home

--Foldgers Instant Coffee replaces Monster drinks

--your wife's friend leaving 2 Bud Lights in the fridge is a lottery win

--your wearing pink sony headphones that are your daughters because your last pair broke and you dont have $10 for some new ones.

--finding out your only one month behind on a bill rather than 2 is cause for celebration

--refreshing your online unemployment portal status 9-10 times per day

-- your cleaning with vinegar

--counting down the days until you go BACK to work from a temporary layoff

--your TV consists of streaming online video sites

--paying for gas in dimes

--paying for gas twice in one day in dimes

--sitting on your porch is a field trip

--someone offering a free meal is = to free concert tickets

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