Friday, January 20, 2012

A Regular Mom On Ron Paul

Lee, what Ron Paul stands for is personal freedom as long as its not harming another human being. If someone gets high and kills someone, obviously they'll be arrested and pay the price. The government doesn't care about what they put in our food, or water, or cancer causing plastic, why worry about someone who wants to take drugs. I don't think anyone needs permission from the gov't to be married. That is the Churches responsibility. If a Church decides its cool to marry gays, then I won't attend it or support it financially. That's my right, and that's their right. Why worry about ANYTHING EVER if it doesn't matter b/c we can be forgiven by people or by God and not be judged? Why don't you just go around do whatever the hell you feel like whenever you want to? You know right from wrong, and so does everybody else. I know God will forgive my sins, but I'm not just going to go out and act a fool and get into trouble just b/c I know I'll be forgiven. I'm sick of government at all levels. Its not isolation if you aren't occupying a country. We are not the worlds police. Just b/c we don't have British troops hanging out on US soil watching every move we make, doesn't mean they won't help us if we need it. And just b/c we bring troops home from policing other countries doesnt mean they wont bail us out. Why are we even force them into bailing us out if we need it someday? Bush was pro life but I didn't see any abortion clinics shutdown. I'm for changing hearts and minds, not laws. I will never, ever welcome more gov't into my life b/c of fear. Whether that be fear of other people on drugs or fear of a terrorist attack. Y'all act like we're going to have bombs dropped on neighborhoods or suicide bombers at bilo if the gov't doesnt have troops everywhere or cant monitor our conversations. We had a horrible tragedy in this country on 9/11, but I will not live in fear of it happening again. I got off an airplane flying from LAX to ATL on 9/10/01, but I've flown since then. Having air marshalls is a safety precaution, not looking at my naked body or putting your hands down my pants or patting down my child. We can have safety precautions in place without violating our civil or personal liberties. We have plenty of intelligence and military ready at a moments notice without having to monitor what every citizen is doing all the time.


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