Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why Are Evangelicals Supporting Roman Catholic Rick Santorum?

Its interesting how many evangelicals and baptists seem to act as if Rick Santorum is one also. Particularly in the state of South Carolina. However Santorum like Newt Gingrich is a Roman Catholic. The more this under reported fact comes out in the state of South Carolina the more many evangelicals are taking a second look at Dr. Ron Paul. 

In addition Rick Santorum has odd ties to accused child rapist Penn State's Jerry Sandusky
Santorum graduated in 1980 from Penn State University
Wayne Madsen on Santorum's strange ties to Sandusky

"There were a number of knowledgeable people who were very enthusiastic about Rick but didn't know he was Catholic," Hudson said with a quiet laugh. "I was really surprised"

Rick Santorum: The evangelical’s Catholic candidate?

Whether any of this will slow or derail Romney's path to the nomination is uncertain. But it does raise the broader question of why a Pennsylvania-born grandson of Italian immigrants who attends Mass in Latin is emerging as the favorite of conservative Protestants.

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