Friday, February 17, 2012

Kurt Haskell on Resistance Radio 2/7/11 "Underwear Bomber Was An Inside ...

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  1. This underware bomber event had messed up propaganda all over it. It happened christmas eve or christmas day. When it seems like the Gov't likes to do there most dirt. Look at the timing of NDAA that Obama signed around the same time of year. The major thing I saw come from the underware bomber, hegalian dialectic, event was that soon after, radiation emitting machines, that deal a large dose of radiation, called full body scanners were implemented. thats the reason the U.S. Gov't tried to scare people about this fake terror suspect who was set up to do what he did and now the patsy is getting life in Prison. It was a staged event that will cost this man Umar his life, and many others lives who are subjected to the air port body scanners, over time.