Tuesday, November 19, 2013

List Of Reasons To Dump Lindsey Graham

Told Tea Party - "if you don't like me there's the door. " 2009 SCGOP Convention
Supported and proposed amnesty for illegal aliens 2006 and 2010 and 2013
Opposed filibuster reform to allow floor votes for judges and appointments
Proposed tariffs on imported Chinese goods
Proposed Cap and trade carbon offsets
Voted for TARP I
Proposed nationalizing banks
Supported McCain-Feingold campaign finance restrictions 2/14/02 (while in the US House)
Proposed 5 billion in loans for energy efficient home repairs
Rep. Luis Guitterez (D-IL) cites Graham as basis for his support of healthcare since Graham and Senator John Kerry were cooperating on immigration reform. 3/20/10
Opposed Arizona's immigrant crack down 4/29/10
Supported Elena Kagan 6/29/10, 7/20/10 voted for her on Judiciary Committee
Opposed 4 Bush Judges including conservative William J. Haynes
Supported liberal patently unqualified US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor
Supported closing Guantanamo Bay Terrorist holding facility
Incorrectly asserted that an Constitutional amendment to stop anchor babies
Senator Bennett (D - CO) sites Graham as good Republican - 10/17/10
Proposed national health insurance rules: for kids to be insured to 26, no exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions, ban lifetime limits - as opposed to free market - 10/23/10
Supported Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Ind. - AK) - 11/4/10
Chris Matthews/MSNBC calls Lindsay Graham their favorite Republican Senator - 11/09/10
Supports CIOCA (federal internet regulation) & votes it out of committee - 11/24/10
Supports increasing debt ceiling 1/2/11 Face the Nation
Supports Replacing Obamacare vs. Repealing Obamacare
Proposed outlawing burning the Koran 4-3-11 Face the Nation
Voted to confirm Eric Holder -February 2, 2009
Supports locking up Americans as terrorists in US without trial, atty or indictment. - 11/28/11
Supported Mary Geiger Lewis for Fed. Ct. - 3/8/2012
Supported START treaty in exchange for an Obama promise to increase spending on nuclear weapons in the future.
Supported CA Democrat Congressman Howard Berman - 9/10/12
Agreed to increase tax rates reneging on tax pledge - Meet the Press - 11/25/12
Renewed fight for Grahamnesty (immigration reform) with Sen. Chuck Shumer D-NY 11/27/12
Voted for fiscal cliff deal 1/2/13
Sponsored & announced "new" amnesty bill 1/28/13
Agrees to 600B in more "revenue" (tax increase) in exchange for a promise of entitlement reform 2/25/13
Awarded civility in public life award by Allegheny College with Diane Feinstein for amnesty/immigration bill work - 2/27/13
Supported Caitlin Halligan radical leftist for DC Circuit - 3/4/13
Proposed new gun laws on mentally ill (which restrict 2nd amendment rights without due process) which are redundant to current state and federal laws - 3/6/13
Goes to dinner with Obama while Rand Paul filibusters Brennan - 3/6/13
Graham and Vincent Sheheen agree to take money for Medicaid expansion in SC - 3/7/13
Graham criticizes Rand Paul (violating 11th commandment) for filibustering
Sponsored an anti-horse slaughter bill with Mary Landrieu - 3/15/2013 - The State
Wouldn't support filibuster to stop gun control bill - 4/1/13
"Didn't want to release it (the immigration bill) early and let it get shot at for two weeks" 4/3/13
Voted for the Internet tax - 5/6/13
Voted against biometrics for immigrants - 5/16/13
"Is any blogger out there saying anything—do they deserve First Amendment protection? These are the issues of our times." - 6/4/13 - National Journal
Ok with NSA collecting all private Verizon user phone records indefinitely - 6/6/13 Fox & Friends
Ok with PRISM program spying on Americans via Facebook Google etc. made fun of Rand Paul for opposing it
Voted for comprehensive immigration (amnesty) bill - 6/27/13
Suggested boycotting Olympics over Edward Snowden hiding in Russia - 7/16/13
Opposes Sen. Lee's plan to defund Obamacare - Chicago Tribune - 7/30/13
Voted to confirm Samantha Powers as UN Ambassador - 7/31/13
Supported release of violent fanatical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood members against Egyptian govt. interest - 8/7/13 - State Paper
Finally agrees to stop funding Egypt after 700 civilians dead and after denigrating Rand Paul for recommending defunding Egypt in early July 2013.
Supported military intervention in Syria - 8/23/13
Opposed Ted Cruz effort to delay Obamacare - 10/4/13
Supported ending shutdown and funding all of government - 10/16/13
Supports cutting "loopholes" in the tax code to raise additional tax revenues - 10/29/13 - State

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