Thursday, April 14, 2011

110 US male soldiers raped in 2010'

PressTV - '110 US male soldiers raped in 2010'
A large number of male members of the US military say they have been the victims of sexual harassment by their peers and superiors, a report says.

About 110 US male soldiers said they were sexually assaulted while serving in the military in 2010, which is nearly three times the number in 2007, the US-based Newsweek magazine reported.

According to the Pentagon, the number of victims is likely to be much higher since many of the soldiers either don't wish to reveal that they were subjected to such assaults, or they fear some sort of retaliation.

Analysts say the men that commit sexual assaults are mostly heterosexual and that rapes are a display of power and intimidation against service members that are new, weaker, or suspected of being homosexual.

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