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Want to Blame Someone? Blame the Fed

Want to Blame Someone? Blame the Fed : Deadline Live With Jack Blood

April 13, 2011 by Szandor Blestman
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Are you currently experiencing economic difficulties? It seems like everyone is these days. All kinds of people from all walks of life seem to be having more and deeper financial problems. Normally I would make the claim that a person should blame themselves for their financial woes, but in the real world there are extenuating circumstances and powerful forces working against the best interests of even the most hard working and capable people. The common folk have been kept in the dark. People can’t make choices for themselves when they don’t know choices exist. People can’t be blamed for their behavior when they have been trained from birth that the system they live in is the only system they can operate in.

In today’s world, people who have been victimized by the economic downturn are looking for someone to pin the blame on. Just about everyone seems to understand that something is wrong with the current system and most everyone seems to think they know who’s to blame. I am no exception. Some people blame Republicans. Others blame Democrats. Some blame unions. There are those who blame the Chinese and those who blame illegal immigrants. Some poorer people may well blame those who are better off financially and some well to do people may blame those who are less fortunate and look to the state for help. There are many people to blame and many excuses that can be used to blame them, all which are very divisive. I think if you’re going to blame someone or something for our financial woes, it may as well be the organization that nearly everyone in the world is a victim of. It may as well be the entity that claims control over the world’s economy. You may as well blame the Fed.

If you don’t know the story behind the Fed, then likely you haven’t been paying attention lately. It has become quite the story on many economic blogs and even some corporate media broadcasts with the continuing push to audit it. The Fed likes to operate in secret and has done so from its very conception. The meeting that conceived it in its modern form and determined how to best sell it to the American people, who were historically anti central banking, was held in great secret back in 1910. It came into existence in 1913 more through shady political dealings, payoffs and questionable voting practices than through open and honest debate, popular support or popular consent. Since that time its tentacles have reached into nearly every aspect of our economic lives and its enforcement arm, the IRS, has grown into the fearsome spectacle we see today.

Naturally, the Federal Reserve claims it needs its secrecy. They claim that their business will be harmed if exposed to public scrutiny. They claim that doing so will harm the American people. Just what are they trying to hide? What practices could a central bank be doing that would be harmful if we knew about it? If everything is on the up and up, they should have nothing to fear from a full and complete audit. We all know that secrecy isn’t there to protect the American people, it’s there to protect wrong doing from being discovered. It’s there to protect thieves and liars. It’s there to cover up practices that are harmful to the economy. It’s there to protect the extremely wealthy and the power elite.

From its inception, the Federal Reserve has worked to get its fingers into everyone’s pie. It wasn’t hard for them to do since they have a monopoly on the currency we are required to use. Just a few years after it was established, America found itself embroiled in Europe’s first world war. That involvement quickly used up America’s treasure and forever indebted the nation to the elite few who claim ownership of the Federal Reserve. I don’t know how much gold, assets, real money and wealth was transferred at that time, but I don’t imagine it was a mere pittance. From that moment forward, the wealth manipulation and monetary chicanery becomes historically obvious as the downward trend of the value of the dollar, and all fiat currencies, is charted.

The Federal Reserve System promised stability. They promised full employment. They lied. They broke their promises. They failed miserably. What had been promoted as a banking system radically different from anything the world had ever seen before became nothing but a mega ponzi scheme, just like any other fractional reserve, fiat driven central bank. It has become a wealth funneling scheme that has taken some very wealthy banking families and made them into modern day royalty.

The Fed has its hands in nearly everything, and certainly in everything worth anything. They are the corporate establishment, more or less. Huge corporations have become dependent on the Fed’s ponzi scheme for their survival, after all, currency that is based on nothing but debt is only good so long as people have faith in the system. People stop having faith in the system when they are unemployed, underemployed, their means of employment have been shipped overseas, prices of basic necessities like energy and food keep rising, the gap between rich and poor widens and political policies serve only the very wealthy or the very poor.

The corporate establishment owns the politicians. The Fed owns the corporate establishment. If you’re angry about anything political, blame the fed. Mad about the bailouts? Blame the Fed. Mad about the wars and occupations? Blame the Fed. Mad about states and municipalities going broke? Blame the Fed. Mad about the deficit? Blame the Fed. Mad about high taxes and unaccountable government? Blame the Fed. Why even acknowledge the political class anymore? They don’t listen to you. They don’t answer any redress of grievances. They don’t answer to you, they answer to their corporate masters. They answer to the Fed. They answer to the super wealthy, elite central bankers. The Fed pulls the strings. You wouldn’t blame the puppets if you didn’t like the show. You’d go behind the curtain and express your displeasure to the puppeteers. Politicians are simply the puppets, those behind the Federal Reserve System and central banks worldwide are the puppeteers.

The thought occurs to me that perhaps most protests are aimed in the wrong direction. Maybe the bankers are laughing at us. Maybe the power brokers and influence peddlers are snickering as they watch the angry mobs take to the streets and demand their puppet politicians do something. Million man marches have done no good. Flooding the congress with letters and emails have done little good, although it seems to have made a dent. Still, I think something more can be done. What if protesters started showing up in large numbers in front of Federal Reserve buildings, only they weren’t just protesting for the audit of the fed? What if anti war protesters started protesting there? What if union protesters started demanding policy changes in front of Federal Reserve buildings instead of at state houses? What if tax protesters, Tea Partiers, Constitutionalists and other freedom advocates took their causes to the doors of the Fed’s buildings? What if the common folk of the world joined in and began to take their protests to the doors of their central banks?

Better yet, what if the protesters started marching outside the private residences of those who own the world’s central banks? What if the common folks showed them that they know who holds the real power? What if these people who believe they are untouchable and above all law couldn’t walk outside their homes without hearing the jeers and complaints of the common folk? What if people started petitioning the real governments of the world for a redress of grievances? Perhaps then someone would listen. Perhaps then something would get done. At the very least, they would know that we know who to blame. They would know that we know where the real power rests. At the very least, they would know that their cover has been blown and they can no longer hide behind the skirts of their puppet politicians.

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