Saturday, January 14, 2012

Anti Ron Paul Group Plans False Flag Attack In South Carolina

South Carolina's GOP primary is known for dirty tricks, but this may be a new low. My friend Patrick McEwen from Capital Free Press alerted me to this Facebook post by Google employee Jere Brower (who appears to be a Herman Cain supporter) in the Facebook group called "Stop Ron Paul 2012".  Mr. Brower has been trying to smear Ron Paul with kkk stuff for weeks it appears.

Ron Paul's enemies will stop at nothing to smear the good doctor's name. Below is the screen shot of the post. If your logged into Facebook you can view the entire thread here (UPDATE: has now been deleted). Jere Brower's twitter handle @jerryfromga

Notice notorious so called "libertarian" Ron Paul critic Aaron Biternman likes this comment. Walter Block gave a beautiful response to Biterman's 25  reasons for Jewish libertarians not to support Ron Paul.

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  1. We've gotten many requests from people looking to contact Mr. Brower to get his side of the story. Here's his contact info:

    Jere Brower
    205 Bainbridge Dr
    Atlanta, GA 30327