Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Detroit Schools Promote George Orwell Security System (video)

Almost as if it is produced by George Orwell himself. Detroit Schools announce new full spectrum security system for your safety of course. Tomorrow on TruthRadioNet at 6PM EST LJC3000 and Travinyle1 one will take a closer look at the ties to the Swiss firm Securitas and their ties to Detroit's own dedicated police department and command center. Watch the video for yourself.
Thursday 6PM EST

The Department is housed in a new $5.6 million 23,000-sq ft. state of the art Command Center and Headquarters that opened in January 2011.
At the Command Center, DPS officers can monitor campuses 24-hours a day using high-tech video surveillance cameras and alarms. Schools are being updated with alarm and video surveillance packages installed throughout the interior and exterior that will be fed to video systems at the Command Center.
The new Command Center goes hand-in-hand with a restructuring of the Police Department and $41.7 million district-wide security initiative that strives to make all schools safer. As part of that, the district has launched a new visitors ID badge system, requiring visitors to Detroit Public Schools high schools, career technical schools and the district's new Police Command Center to be put through on-the-spot sex-offender registry checks as part of a new security clearance system aimed at making campuses safer for students and staff.
The system will instantly scan visitors’ driver licenses and state ID cards and cross-check the information with sex-offender registries throughout the United States and Canada.
All high school students also have been issued new photo ID badges that are color-coded by school, allowing campus security personnel to instantly identify students who belong on their campus.
The Police Department reports to DPS’ Office of Inspector General.

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